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Posted By: kurgun2000 Wastelands hmm - 12/11/03 08:17 PM
Do they think they made the wastelands hard enough? Only 5000 some exp for killing imps? Geez the Mountain trolls were a million times easier to slay than these imps and they gave you 10,000 exp per kill, which was an easy 2 hit kill. And what's the deal with the chieftains? 1 hit and my health is halved, so a 2 hits and i'm dead. How about those chicken mages that cast magic incredibly fast, run away at the same time and so you chase them, which is dumb cause they lead you to more enemies. Just have 1 question though aside from all that. How much further till the game ends? I wanna finish it i'm kinda sick of looking at it, don't get me wrong it's nice and big and everything and tons of stuff to do, but I'm growing tired of it. How much further do i need to go? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: kiya Re: Wastelands hmm - 12/11/03 08:24 PM
Not much really, you have to fight yourself down to the south and cross the lake to the end dungeon. But in order to cross that poisoned lake you need the "spirit" spell from the Black Dragon in the NE - or you take one of your skill pts and choose this one from the Divine Path (in survivor).

If you're in the end dungeon, you have 6 main fights = > then you're done.

Look at your map, you should aready see your end area if you scroll south and then east.

Your choice if you wish to look at it now-> this is the Wastelands spoiler sequence:

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