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Posted By: Madamisir Aleroth Catacombs secret room? - 17/04/20 04:09 PM
Hey guys, I was replaying the game when I noticed something.
You know how, when you enter dialogue, all the FOW is cleared until you're done?
While talking with the Orc on level 1, you can see a whole part of the catacombs to the west which, to my knowledge, is completely inaccessible.
It's populated too, and you can even see the enemies on the automap if you're close to the wall as they wander by.
The achitecture is the one from the catacombs proper, unlike the rest of level 1.
I tried looking, but there are no secret staircases or ladders going up from the lower level, and I can't seem to find a door on lv.1.
Is this a case of different levels actually being in the same "cell", is it inaccessible or am I missing something?
Sorry if it's already been asked, I couldn't find anything, and none of the guides mention it.
Posted By: caninelegion Re: Aleroth Catacombs secret room? - 17/04/20 11:27 PM
Is there a log or something there? I remember being able to go up from the catacombs to some orcs above just outside the city. I never tried to see if that exit was usable from the surface without first coming from below.
Posted By: Raze Re: Aleroth Catacombs secret room? - 18/04/20 03:36 AM

It is probably a different level. All of the dungeon levels, house cellars, etc, are on the same map as the rest of Aleroth, Rivertown, etc, but normally the game hides areas other than the one you are in (even without the fog of war). Occasionally it does not, though. I once ran into a glitch like that on the map, took a screenshot, closed the map and reopened it, but couldn't reproduce the issue.
Posted By: Madamisir Re: Aleroth Catacombs secret room? - 18/04/20 10:39 AM
Yeah I checked after clearing every level, and there were no more enemies on the automap. I think it was just level 3.
Well, mystery solved! grin
Thanks for the answers.
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