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Posted By: dracostoner once again i need help - 20/01/10 08:13 PM
ok im stuck in a flying fortress the one where you have to name the damn statues some help would be nice
Posted By: sunny67 Re: once again i need help - 20/01/10 08:19 PM
you are posting in a german forum smile

please try again in english forum ...

sorry my english is not well...

Posted By: ali69 Re: once again i need help - 20/01/10 10:07 PM

Room with fire: left side of transporter: devastation/havoc; right side: cataclysm/mayhem
other room left side: waste/wastage, right side: chaos
the lonly statuette: destruction/devastation

I hope i didn't confound the rooms, if i did it anyway it's vice versa

PS.: I played the german game and i don't known the words used in the english version so i just translated teh german words. Hope it helps rpg007
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