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I want to ask: Is there only one end?

Because I finished the game but by the looks of it I lost everything.. And I suppose this is not the end I should end with.

Spoiler-- The end Im talking about is - Damian is now invincible when I ressurected his lover... And Im frozen in some crystal right next to Divine. Period, credits. -

Posted By: Arianaris Re: Finished game? - 04/08/09 07:44 PM
Yes there is only one end, at least no one discovered other Ends.
Its just not your average happy end game.
You helped to make Damian invincible and reunite him with his love, yes you were manipulated, and now you are in an eternal prison, nothing to add.
Maybe there will be an AddOn or something, but I doubt you can flee from your prison when even the Divine (Dont know how he is called in the English version, but this would be a direct translation) couldnt escape after so many years of imprisonment.
Posted By: madpaddy Re: Finished game? - 04/08/09 07:46 PM
Originally Posted by tommyie
I want to ask: Is there only one end?

Because I finished the game but by the looks of it I lost everything.. And I suppose this is not the end I should end with.

Spoiler-- The end Im talking about is - Damian is now invincible when I ressurected his lover... And Im frozen in some crystal right next to Divine. Period, credits. -


Well in my ending me an Damian fall in love take our gay vows and live happily ever after on a lovely warm island in hell horsey
Posted By: tommyie Re: Finished game? - 04/08/09 07:52 PM
That ending suck.. There is so much unfinished bussines.. I did not even manage to get to The Rivertown gorge.. Or to return the Lovis Soul stone.. Omg that does not make sense. Even the "bussines" i have with my ex-commander (I mean the tattooed woman on the begining) in Aleroth..

Edit: And what more.. The "tips" in the game have such big ideas like upgrade and upgrade (Alchemy garden , necromancy ring and so on) and omg I didnt even need to upgrade.. The Necromancy ring quest was bugged.. I feel like somebody has stolen half of the game from me..

And isn't it weird the game ended this way? This ending is anything but good. And I mean good from story point of view.. What about fight with Damian..

And one last thing: What was I doing the netire gameplay? If the game from the start was supposed to end like this then where is the point..
Posted By: Arianaris Re: Finished game? - 04/08/09 08:01 PM
The game "ends" when you get to the Hall of Souls, you need to complete everything you want to do before you go there.
Not many RPGs have the option to play after the ending, thats nothing surprising.

The goal from the game was never to fight Damian, thats nothing surprising, thats just the story. When you dont like the story, its your opinion.
I liked the ending very much, especially because you dont often see the bad guys winning.
Posted By: tommyie Re: Finished game? - 04/08/09 08:04 PM
Could you tell me how to get past that barrier blocking Rivertown gorge?

Edit: I liked but where was the point? You know anything, but this just tells you "F*ck off, just be frozen like this" Its not something you would expect. AND, bad end in game is not something there should be. There is villain and you must kill him. But if you cant and the game from the start knows you cant then there is no point in trying. For film great, but for game...not. Not like this

Edit: NO. I should say it this way. "If I failed because of my impotence, okay, but if the game from the start knows I cant win, then there is no point." Thats my point of view.
Posted By: Arianaris Re: Finished game? - 04/08/09 08:11 PM
Destroy the buildings that got a blue aura.

Ehm no you absolutely dont know from the beginning that the antagonist will win.
I suspected my character was being manipulated, but it was just a suspicion, nothing more.
As I said this ending is something many people dont like because many people like the typical "rescued the princess, now we can marry, be happy for ever after".
I personally really liked the ending, with my character ending up in an eternal prison, from which theres presumly no escape and the villain destroying the world.

Ehm yes, thats your opinion. I personaly think that the point of a game is the game experience itself, yes including the story itself, but not only consisting of the story.
Posted By: tommyie Re: Finished game? - 04/08/09 08:16 PM
I was happy I could become Dragon Knight.. And I liked the "Talana" in my head, cause it was refreshing.. But just I've done nothing wrong.. Its like watching a film. The game ENDED this way. Period.... I could not alter anything..
Posted By: Arianaris Re: Finished game? - 04/08/09 08:19 PM
Yes exactly. You could not change anything. You even helped the evil.
Thats what you would a "linear" game^^
Posted By: tommyie Re: Finished game? - 04/08/09 08:25 PM
Then this is first time the ending of a game really disappointed me.. But I enjoyed the game.. Well, thanks for reply and I hope I'll get 3rd Divinity with proper ending..
Posted By: Arianaris Re: Finished game? - 04/08/09 08:30 PM
Well opinions differ^^
Posted By: tommyie Re: Finished game? - 04/08/09 08:31 PM
And game qualities too.
Posted By: Arianaris Re: Finished game? - 04/08/09 08:32 PM
Yeah, but game quality got nothing to do with story.
The game is really great, and for me the story is too.
Posted By: Koen Re: Finished game? - 04/08/09 08:40 PM
There are only a handful of other games that dared to let the bad guy win ... Starcraft: brood wars and warcraft: frozen throne come to mind smile

When I was young, I had a hard time accepting those kind of endings, but now, I find them interesting. And honestly, what would the divinity universe be without Damian? wink
Posted By: ForkTong Re: Finished game? - 04/08/09 08:49 PM
May I ask you to use spoiler tags when you're really saying something very, well, spoilery? smile Thanks!

Actually, if you think about it, Divinity games never really ended positively.

In the first Divinity, you cannot really stop the bad guys from summoning the ultimate evil into the child. You cannot get yourself to kill a mere baby even though you know it is ultimately evil.

In Beyond Divinity, you find out that in the end, you have helped Damian escape all this time, and he even casts you (the player) back into Hell.

I know this doesn't change the way you feel or it doesn't change the ending. You are indeed a mere pawn in the history of Rivellon, but in all cases a very important pawn: without the player in Div1, Damian would never have existed. Without the player in Beyond, Damian would never have escaped from Hell. Without the player in Div2, Damian would never have been reunited with his loved one and gotten even stronger. It is an important part of the story that needs to be told.

You _are_ writing and experiencing the story, and you have been a main character in the history of Rivellon. Your name will be known forever. Hailed or cursed. If this were a book, you may have felt differently about the ending.

I am not trying to "defend" the story, this is how I interpret it. I could also go philosophical and talk about the never-ending struggle against evil that cannot simply be fought and ended by one man only, but that would be taking it too far perhaps smile
Posted By: Arianaris Re: Finished game? - 04/08/09 08:52 PM
ForkTong, I understand using Spoiler tags in a normal thread, but this thread is about the end, which you can see with the title "finished game?". Theres no reason for guys who dont want to get the story spoiled to look inside.

Koen: Agree, there are too few games which dare to do something like that. I find it kind of sad, because why should everything always go perfectly smooth? Makes no sense^^

EDIT: The only thing that never made sense to me, and still doesnt, why the heck doesnt my character just slide Damian in two in the cutscenes where he is a approached by him? Or at least try it?
Posted By: ForkTong Re: Finished game? - 04/08/09 08:57 PM
I agree, that's why I edited the title with "warning" and "major spoilers" smile But still, at first I thought this was about something like "who finished it already? was it any good" or "I finished it! Anyone else did?" But anyhoo. Back on topic smile
Posted By: tommyie Re: Finished game? - 04/08/09 09:59 PM
I enjoyed the game. I never played the Div1 or sequel, nor even heard about it. I dont mind bad ends, but, and I mean BUT I never experienced bad end in a game as I remember..So I feel like somebody cut the game in two halves, one - me, struggling against Damian. and second - me, as a Winner(Which was not present..). I just felt a little angry.. Can somebody tell me some Rpgs of same quality? I played Gothic, Oblivion .. I hope you dont mind I write them here in Div forum. smile

Edit: "Yeah, but game quality got nothing to do with story." Thats really stupid opinion if we are talking about RPG's. Cause its the storyline and creativity that measures game quality. The game itself is story and you, as a player and as a hero live in that game, in that world. Going through the game, going through the story. smile
Posted By: Arianaris Re: Finished game? - 04/08/09 10:36 PM
The overall game experience is made up from the quality of the gameplay elements and the story. The quality of the game is made up of the game play elements. At least in my opinion.

Really good RPGs:
The Elder Scrolls (Oblivion, Morrowind, ...)
Gothic 1,2,(3)
Final Fantasy (VII in my opinion the best RPG I've ever played <3333)
Diablo I,II

When you like Party-based RPGs:
Baldurs Gate
Neverwinter Nights 1,2

When you dont mind being Online:
Guild Wars (One of the best stories in my opinion)

Gothic 4
Dragon Age
Final Fantasy XIII
Diablo III
Posted By: tommyie Re: Finished game? - 05/08/09 12:25 AM
About Final Fantasy. I REALLY want to know about it. I watched the film and even had the game. I want to ask: Is there any Final fantasy with decent Graphic on PC? Im not gonna play FF VII. Normally I dont care at all about graphic, but FF VII is really old..
Posted By: Sindrax Re: Finished game? - 05/08/09 01:03 AM
Originally Posted by Arianaris
Really good RPGs:
Diablo I,II

A good friend of me had said some time ago: "What? Diablo II have a story?!"

Diablo I and II have a so extrem small story, that I won't define them as RPGs. But this is my oppinion laugh
Posted By: Arianaris Re: Finished game? - 05/08/09 01:47 AM
When you normally dont care about graphics you SHOULD play FFVIII. Its the BEST RPG out there.
Posted By: LightningLockey Re: Finished game? - 05/08/09 02:41 AM
Well that is something. I guess if I had the game in my hands and was playing wouldn't bother reading the end of it. Now I know how it ends about a month or two before I even play it. But then again same goes the legend of Zelda. You defeat Ganon and save hyrule.

So I suppose there will be a Divinity 3?

Will there ever be and end to this series? Or will this last for 20+ years?

The good thing is that if there will be a handful of sequels, they won't all start off about raising Damian from hell like with Castlevania.

EDIT: I just watched the ending on YouTube lol. Pretty disturbing, but now I'm eager to see what all lead up to this.
Posted By: tommyie Re: Finished game? - 05/08/09 09:34 AM
Diablo II have a story? I really never noticed. laugh laugh

But what the hell is Legend of Zelda? It has reallyy weird name, I should check it out.

And, maybe I really should play FFVII...

Angry Edit: Well, it seems Zelda is not on PC...

BTW: I would love to play gothic, but the stupid game engine lags like hell..Long live Oblivion..

WHAT? I just saw ending that wasnt in the game!?!

Edit 2: And lol. I just found out the NPC's SHOULD open mouth when speaking.. Lol I thought crators were just lazy. laugh
Posted By: LightningLockey Re: Finished game? - 05/08/09 02:01 PM
I thought you were joking about Zelda. It was one of the games that made RPG's popular to begin with before computers became so heavily used.

Not knowing about Zelda is like if someone said they never heard of Final Fantasy, Gauntlet or Phantasy Star. So dude, what the hell kind of cave do you live in? I thought I lived in a deep one...
Posted By: tommyie Re: Finished game? - 05/08/09 05:02 PM
From what you've listed I know only Final Fantasy. Anyway, for me its better to give my time to 3DS Max and C++ than just plain playing. Not everyone still has the time to browse every old game.. It's easier in the spare time to just find out newly dated games like Divinity 2.. Well, its only my clouded opinion.. I think RPG's are the best games on PC.
Posted By: LightningLockey Re: Finished game? - 05/08/09 07:39 PM
Some classics like Chrono Trigger, Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Drakkhen are worth looking up. They got some real good rpg elements that modern day games are missing. Larian does a good job at putting some of these missing elements in their games. It sounds like you will be programming games, so it be good to taste some of the classics. I'm gonna go on a limb to suggest Super Mario RPG, basically the SNES had the ones I've played the most. Divinity is the only game that I've played over and over that wasn't on the SNES lol.

I was so bored with FF7 that I quit at the last boss, same happened with FF8.

Anyway, we should really get back on topic here lol.

The thing with this game, is it ends when war starts. So that is gonna make me wonder how far does Damian go? What will Divinity 3 be like? A world completely battle scarred? Or will it make "full circle" and be similar to how things happened prior to Divinity? Where all the races banded, a council of 7 created and a huge cataclysmic battle at the end?

In various literature or movies I've seen, Gods need emotion to exist. Such as worship or fear, once the emotion is removed the "god" ceases to exist. Something will happen to stop his progress wheater it be him sealed away but alive, or hunting the last remaining survivors that are against this. It seems like Damian gains his power threw fear more than worship.

This is kinda sad, I'm looking forward to Divinity 3 more than playing Divinity 2 now lmao! I want to experiance the conclusion to all this from ... what 2002 Divinity came out?
Posted By: Myrthos Re: Finished game? - 06/08/09 08:37 AM
The bad guy won now, but the war isn't over. If anything this ending shows we have to wait for Divinity 3 smile
Posted By: tommyie Re: Finished game? - 06/08/09 11:06 AM
You guessed right. Anyway, back to the topic. Well, I'm very curious how it will all end in Divinity 3.. Hehe, we'll see. If I'm right, I helped Damian in all Divinity games unintentionally. So it's time to finally kick his ass in D3. smile I also can't wait on "Arcania" which should come out soon.
although the ending is negative, the game is very satisfying
since div 1 i waited for a RPG that had funny and captivating side-quests, with puzzles and mini-challenges in so many places, only divinity has this incorporated in a good RPG, thats why i love it

one thing is missing from div 1, some quests for ULTIMATE ITEMS hidden in the world, div 1 had that, and it was awesome

all in all a very good game, fun to play and captivating, the next RPG that will have this will be diablo 3 probably
Posted By: Roland Baye Re: Finished game? - 13/08/09 07:03 AM
FF8 is on PC and has decent enough graphics.
Posted By: Arianaris Re: Finished game? - 13/08/09 12:50 PM
But bad gameplay in comparison to FFVII which is also available on PC
Posted By: Roland Baye Re: Finished game? - 13/08/09 05:43 PM
Yeah, I really am one of the only people that think FF8 was better than FF9 and as good as 10. I just loved getting the cards and the trigger combos, I thought the story was even better the second time through, as well.
Posted By: Arianaris Re: Finished game? - 13/08/09 05:51 PM
In my opinion FFVII is the best, then comes FFX then the rest
Posted By: Nemko Re: Finished game? - 14/08/09 02:18 PM
Really sad ending guys frown

Well back to finish Gothic 3 :P ( its finally fixed after all these years lol)

And by the way. Arcania will suck, Dragon Age will suck. Mark my words. I havent seen a single game this year that has run flawlesy without CTDs or game breaking bugs other than Drakensang.

Oh my dear Morrowind i wish someone would make a game like you.
Posted By: looping Re: Finished game? - 14/08/09 10:44 PM
The end is not well frown

the goal in a game is to win no lose

if Divinity3 fate and that the end is in the same style I will not even bother to buy it

I apologized for my English I use a translator
Posted By: susu Re: Finished game? - 17/08/09 03:29 PM
Do I smell an addon? I don't think they will wait until Divinity 3 to continue the story...I smell a very quick, 1 - 1 1/2 year add-on
Posted By: Bargian Re: Finished game? - 17/08/09 04:13 PM
I wonder... i have lvl 7 wisdom... i wonder around what lvl game gona end i wonder if that points will repay me.. how u think guys?
Posted By: Roland Baye Re: Finished game? - 18/08/09 04:32 PM
You know, having more time to ponder the ending, Larian really dropped the ball IMO. Just take it from movies and other media, you can do a sad or disappointing ending, but you have to do it right. I think I felt so crappy about the ending because they did not put enough effort into it.

What they should of done was immerse the player in the actual dissapointment. You could do this by giving a longer ending cut-scene, as well as some better transitions. Maybe a first person view of getting stuck in the crystal, some kind of struggle of imprisonment, something.

Still a great game, just a completely lackluster finish :|
Posted By: virumor Re: Finished game? - 19/08/09 12:05 AM
The ending is not the 'final' ending of the series... maybe Divinity 2 is 'The empire strikes back' that ends on a negative note with the heroes being temporarily set back... but this simply means that in the next game a new hero will rise up and set things right. smile
Posted By: Wayn Re: Finished game? - 21/08/09 02:20 PM
Well there is a lot of unfinished business, as a first matter it might be that you somehow manage to shapeshift into a dragon in that crystal break it and try to fly back with divine to Aleroth remember that you are a dragon and what do you breathe? fire fire melts ice laugh.

And also you haven oticed that the way into aleroth was colapsed after the zepeling exploded inside him so it is posible that aleroth has stayed alive all that time from Damian.

And yet another thing Rhode is still alive, she was your mentor afterall and who knows in divinity 3 you might just get to play with rhode laugh you never know.

Despide the graphics being severley old for today's games this game rocked with its story and i had no troubles with the graphics if the story wasnt so good i probbably whoud have a lot of complaints on graphics.
Posted By: virumor Re: Finished game? - 21/08/09 11:58 PM
Considering Damian is busy conquering the world, I think the new hero's quest in Div 3 will be primarily to try to find a way to free Lucian & the Dragon Knight.. only Lucian can stop Damian after all. smile
Posted By: shdowmyst Re: Finished game? - 22/08/09 05:52 PM
all right, i can take a sad or a bad guy win ending. but what really bother me is: damian is angry and conquer the world becouse he lost his love. so, whats the point resurrect his love? now they conquer the world together. i think many peoples disapontment comes from: 'feels like i played for nothing.' and i really did. the world is doomed with or without me.

anyway here is an alternate ending:

i traveled back in time to save damian's love, fight with the divine, and everyone, including damian (who could be there cos 1.he was there at the memory 2. he come after me like he appears mysteriously in cut scenes) kill everyone and be the supreme dragon knight. in the rest of the game i could restore the power of the dragons (so another main quests with the huge dragon in the cave in fjords) and finish all the unfinished side quests.
Posted By: Ignitioner Re: Finished game? - 29/08/09 04:01 PM
Just finished the game... its very good, i have a lot of fun and will buy localised version, but for rpg must be more than one ending... =( It is adventures (as the type of games) take us to the linear storyline. In case of one ending no point to be evil or good charaster in rpg, but because i understand it only in the end - i like Div2 anyway. =)

But strange - if stats of charaster it is not only for damage formulas, why hero with great intellect and after reading some history books cant realize what he obssesed not Talana? ^^

P.S. Think if Divine is alive, and our hero too... world have a chance to be a saved from Damned one...
And if there also wew write about good RPG... =)
Diablo is not rpg... no-no =)) no story, no talking, just point and click ))

For me Exellent RPGs is:
1. TES: Daggerfall
2. Planscape: Torment
3. Realms of Arcania 2,3
4. Wizardry VIII
5. Gothic series
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