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Posted By: haley help with 3 Broken Valley quests - 08/08/09 08:00 PM
I'm currently trying to finish 3 broken valley quests for the completest in me

First the necromancer who wants you to find his minions, I have no idea where they might be.

2nd is the 4 scraps of paper, I have 3 of them: witeg, gamol, sporesomething, from the near the tribal waypoint, and from the nearby stone circle and the stone circle near the Quarry. I hear the 4th is at the citadel but I can't find it, and I've done the citadel quests so I dont know. I can see 2 red dots on my radar at the very top (above the door with the skeletal blacksmith) but no clue how to get up there

3rd quest is the 3 charms or necklaces or whatever, the one of the west, of the east, etc. I have 2 of them and I read the note but I have no clue where the 3rd might be or where to use them. I got both in the goblin dungeon near the tribal waypoint.

I'd appreciate help with any of these smile
Posted By: FLUXINATOR Re: help with 3 Broken Valley quests - 08/08/09 09:20 PM
1. the mines near middle west side of map. follow west side of map south a bit past the middle.

2. somewhere theres a post that details it in german (i dont recall personally).

3. raise necklaces near the statue with a tree on each side in area with skeletons and iron fences.
Posted By: rickyd12 Re: help with 3 Broken Valley quests - 08/08/09 09:32 PM
2. there are 4 stone circles to encounter the mage. I believe 3 of them have a scrap of paper and a fourth scrap might be found south of the tribal shrine. The red dots are someething you will find only after you have the scraps and translate them.
Posted By: MargusP Re: help with 3 Broken Valley quests - 10/08/09 06:22 PM
Made it to the chicken-forged guy, and i found the rooster (white chicken), and donšt know what to do next, really dont understand why canšt we just pick up the darn chicken.
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