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Posted By: Spector Making potions? - 09/08/09 08:02 AM
Hello fellas!

I'm new in the game, and I have a doubt: how do I make potions? Ingredients are stacking in my inventory, as well as some potions recipes. How can I make them work?

Thanks a lot!

Posted By: Arianaris Re: Making potions? - 09/08/09 12:37 PM
Visit an alchemist.
Posted By: FLUXINATOR Re: Making potions? - 09/08/09 02:20 PM
Originally Posted by Arianaris
Visit an alchemist.

ooh, quick with the no-brainers today are we?

look in the millers basement to find the first alchemist....though really, you must not be exploring too much to have ingredients "stacking up" but have not tripped over it already. but i digress, you wouldnt be visiting forums for help/tips/tricks if you actually planned on PLAYING the game for yourself.
Posted By: Spector Re: Making potions? - 10/08/09 01:35 AM
Well, thank you (I guess).

I'm a somewhat experienced RPG player. It means, exploring is always an obligation. Still, even doing so, I had not found the millers thing till I posted here. You both should know, in every RPG game there's always a point where you get struck.

That's it, please close the topic, for the question is solved.

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