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Posted By: Phelot Rivertown? - 10/08/09 04:35 AM
Is there no way to get to it? I killed Kira(was that her name?) and destroyed her fortress that was guarding it, but then she said that they destroyed the entrance to it. How does one destroy an entrance to an entire region? I'm a dragon... can't I just fly over whatever is blocking it?

Anyways, is there a way to get to it? Do I need to finish up more things in the fjord? I was hoping to have another village to visit like Broken Valley.

Thanks in advanced!
Posted By: Arianaris Re: Rivertown? - 10/08/09 02:13 PM
No, theres no rivertown, only the fortress.
Posted By: LightningLockey Re: Rivertown? - 10/08/09 06:19 PM
From a book I've found, I think most of the Ferol Kingdom is no longer in existence. The book was in a dungeon that is above the chapel. It explains the possible extinction of one of the 7 races.
Posted By: illidan Re: Rivertown? - 14/08/09 12:36 PM
sorry can you tell me how to arrive at the fortress?i don't know how to pass the enregy field camp at fjord me!i destroyed follet barrac and tower...
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