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Quest Problem

Posted By: Chrol

Quest Problem - 02/01/10 12:04 AM

When I pickup a quest they are so vague I can hardly do any of them. Most don't say anything about where to go and the rest say "to the south" etc.

I am doing "The Hunt For Red Ore" and i cannot find the mine to the south anywhere, is there any questhelping ways to find out more info about quests?

PS. LOVED! Divine Divinity, hated Beyond Divinity. First time on forums anything to do with Larian so just had to get that out, thanks. smile
Posted By: Sirus

Re: Quest Problem - 02/01/10 02:18 AM

Nope - you've just got to do *everything* and go everywhere and eventually you'll find what you need. What works for me is to be a pack rat - pick up and keep everything [except for books - you can read/sell most of them, and weapons/armors you can replace]. Quest system reminds me of Risen, Gothic 3, etc - the quest givers give you a general idea of what to do or where to go - but you have to do a little bit of leg work to actually find what they want. smile
Posted By: ggm261

Re: Quest Problem - 02/01/10 03:11 AM

You just have to bring him some red ores,which can be found some where else in Broken Valley. Check every corner of the map , you will find dungeon with red ores
Posted By: Chrol

Re: Quest Problem - 02/01/10 12:05 PM

Okay thanks guys, any good bos you know of? I'm level 16 atm almost 17. killing level 25 skeletons and elf dragon armoured for up to 2kxp each kill!! :D:D
Posted By: Chrol

Re: Quest Problem - 02/01/10 12:06 PM

What should my HP be by now? because its 300
Posted By: Conan 1

Re: Quest Problem - 02/01/10 07:50 PM

If you really have problems finding a quest, or wish to rush right to one, go here for help ---->
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