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Posted By: ggm261 "my stat/skill receive a welcome boost" ????? - 02/01/10 03:16 AM
I did mindread some NPC in the game , and then receive this message. What does this mean ??? I did check and found out I didn't get more skill points or stat points at all frown Is it a bug ???
I remember seeing that when I completed a certain story quest. From what i could tell it bumped my stats up a few points. I know for certain my INT went up at least 2 points, the others looked a lil higher but the INT was the only one that I knew for certain went up. As for getting it from a mindread I don't know....
I got welcome boost's when i used mindread on 5 of the npc's in my battletower. the weapon trainer, alchmist, enchanter, necromamcer and sassan. the reward i got was one skill point from each npc
To vesla : I did mindread my servant in battle tower too , but the message I got was "You get one skill point" not "a welcome boost"
You either get additional skill points or stats point with that kind of messages after mind read. From what I remember, mind read dont direct add any points to any stats, but will provide you extra stats or skill points only. However there are items which adds points to certain stats after used, if I still remember correctly.
To Vesla: I went to my tower, which is newly acquired, and did mindread all those people you mentioned, and did get 5 skill points. Well worth the 7000 xp I spent. I made it back with just a few battles. Great tip!!!
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