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how to become priest?

Posted By: Dim123

how to become priest? - 02/01/10 12:31 PM

in the begining i chose to be a priest but i cant find the one who grant's me the priest skill's.
i found the archer, warrior and the mage but where is the priest???
Posted By: scalla

Re: how to become priest? - 02/01/10 01:13 PM

There is no priest. You get priest skills by yourself, anyway.
Posted By: ggm261

Re: how to become priest? - 02/01/10 04:10 PM

In the beginning , you only have to chose one of three way : Warrior , Mage or Ranger. You still can learn Priest Skill.
Anyway , after awhile playing this great game smile you will realize that playing as pure priest is impossible laugh
Posted By: Aodh

Re: how to become priest? - 02/01/10 05:43 PM

Either way, the choice that you make in the beginning doesn't have much of an impact, it just gives you something to begin with. Just choose whatever you believe to suit your tastes best and spend some skill points on some priest abilities as you progress through the game. You can get any class' skills as you level anyways, so it won't be a problem.
Posted By: ACSS

Re: how to become priest? - 02/01/10 06:59 PM

Well I would suggest going for sword choice in the beginning, as you will receive whirlwind for free. Its a must have skill no matter which path you take, for breaking multiple barrels at once.
Posted By: Sirus

Re: how to become priest? - 02/01/10 07:25 PM

The only choice in the beginning is a +4 skill boost to whatever you plan to be [mage +4 int, ranger +4 dex, warrior +4 strength].

As for breaking objects - I find shooting the bow to the be more enjoyable [and it doesn't use up a skill point]
Posted By: ACSS

Re: how to become priest? - 02/01/10 07:33 PM

Those few stats points doesnt actually help much, even in the beginning from my view. Anyway its all down to personal preference. And its undeniable that there a lot area in game are packed with boxes and barrels. Definitely you can break them 1 by 1 if prefer, but I choose to break all once using whirlwind, which seems more convenient to me.
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