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Posted By: titan1978 Armor stats help!!! - 10/01/10 07:55 PM
Divinity seems different from other RPG's wherein it doesn't mention HOW much armor?
For ex : A Light cuirass might have 200 armor points
A Plate Mail might have 1500
A Mage robe might have 30

I'm sorry : But mere Melee +3 or +4 rating is not enough for me to decide between two armors.

How do I distinguish between a level 11 Rare ARmor and a Level 6 Heroic? They both seem comparable in stats...
Posted By: GoldyLocks Re: Armor stats help!!! - 10/01/10 08:22 PM
If buying, save first and tehn try everything on to see if stats go up or down.
Posted By: titan1978 Re: Armor stats help!!! - 10/01/10 08:35 PM
kinda sucky dont u think? I have two comparable armors....rare vs heroic...donno which one to is a light guard and one is a heavy guard..had the heavy goard said 1000 points and light guard : 500 . i wouldve made the decision in a jiffy
Posted By: 30johner Re: Armor stats help!!! - 11/01/10 02:01 AM
Quality of armor only determines how many charm or enchantment slots the armor has, nothing to do with the strength of the armor. And the armor in divinity 2 is percentage based so +3 means it prevents 3% of the damage. It doesn't mean much early in the game but counts more later on.
Posted By: ACSS Re: Armor stats help!!! - 11/01/10 03:07 AM
Actually armor ratings dont act as it written. For example, I having 40 magical defensive ratng as show in my character sheets. When I use a ring which add let say 4 magical armor rating, my total magical defensive rating wont increase to 44, it might just be 42.10 or any other figure. So I can only say, pick the 1 with highest rating you can get, according to which armor type rating you need most.

As for rating type such as rare, heroic and etc, its will reflect on how many extra stats that the armor can come with. Below are list from lower rankings to higher

Uncommon: white, 1 stats no enchantment slot
Rare: blue, come with 1 stats usually, 1 enchantment slot
Magical: Green, 2 extra stats usually, 1 enchantment slot
Heroic: dark green, 3 stats usually, 1 enchantment slot
Legendary: gold or yellow, 3-4 stats usually, 1 enchantment slot

All above can be bought through merchant or gain through chest, which all come with 1 enchantment slots only. And the extra stats might be differ from listed above. Take example for legendary, where usually you can find 3-4 stats on it usually. But sometimes it might just offer 2 stats, with both at very high value. Example +15 melee armor rating.

Only unique gear, (red) has more than 1 enchantment slot, which is 3, and some gear which drop from particular boss or mind read, usually come with white name like uncommon gear, will have 2 enchantment slot. There are rare or magical that have 2 enchantment slot as well, but you cant get them through merchant, usually just quest reward.

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