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Posted By: tryduck Dropping Fields valley/harbor - 29/01/10 12:47 AM
I have completed it but wondering how do you drop the last field protecting the last stage in broken valley that protects the teleport (Raybons headquarters) , Dropping the fields protecting the Harbor/high hill areas? Is there a lever or something that needs to be switched off or destroy a generator powering them? I would just like to destroy those last spear shooters is all for a bit more xp and so I could fly right into harbor/sepp instead of walking in or dropping down the mountain.
Posted By: WickedWen Re: Dropping Fields valley/harbor - 29/01/10 07:50 PM
The anti-dragon zone around High Hall can not be taken down.
Posted By: Diff_1 Re: Dropping Fields valley/harbor - 30/01/10 06:23 AM
The ones in broken valley are all turned off by activating a lever on on some kind of machine.
if you did some you know what to look for, you must have missed one. Check in all those little walled in areas.
Just fly over and you should be able to see the machines, drop in and see if you can flip the lever.

Make sure to use the various teleporters as well. I think there might be one lever that you can only get to by teleporter. Did you do that one?

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