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Posted By: KnifeintheDARK Barrer Bunker help -Done- - 07/02/10 02:36 AM
I went inside the bunker and mannge to kill both or one of the oppents and after i killed one of them i got teled out and now theres a force fieald over the ladder


i fell though the ladder up the bunker but i just relode and i beat the gane already no more need to post thankyou
Posted By: DivineBooger Re: Barrer Bunker help - 07/02/10 02:18 PM
To get in the bunker I flew over a part of it and then changed to human form and dropped through the force field. The force field does not hurt you in human form. Then I just went in...If you dont kill the bandits you can trade with them later which helps the
Posted By: KnifeintheDARK Re: Barrer Bunker help - 07/02/10 02:54 PM
I fell though the ladder in the bunker and cant get back in is what i mean
Posted By: agrash Re: Barrer Bunker help - 07/02/10 09:42 PM
having just completed that quest i can say that that was a bug or something.

I think you should reload a save & try again
Posted By: D1ablo Re: Barrer Bunker help - 08/02/10 08:19 PM
dudes lol in that bunker on the mountain in orobas fjords when u kill those 2 u get permission to get upstairs and than when u dont kill 2 bandits u can disable force field in that room where the bandits are. There is only 1 bug when sometimes u cant see those 2 in lower floor only conversation. My max lvl of dragon knight was lvl 35 but than i acidently saved inside the arena at the last mission. frown Oh and to get in the bunker there is a teleporter across the bunker on the mountain.
Posted By: Crimsonhawk Re: Barrer Bunker help - 08/02/10 10:51 PM
To get in the eagles nest, you need to use the teleporter on the side of the mountain across the bay. It's on the island mountain between the two fjord entrances (not the one you enter the area through) and will teleport you to the base of the ladder. Once you get up into the lower level you have to defeat both of the opponents to get access to the upper level where there are levers to turn off all the barriers in the local area.
Posted By: strontium Re: Barrer Bunker help - 23/10/11 09:07 AM
was this bug fixed in the new patch?
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