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Posted By: FootballFan Imps Lair in Fjords - 24/02/10 08:06 PM
hello i have a small but very annoying problem. I`m in Imps Lair in Orobas Fjords but I can`t find key needed to get through door that leads to this imp boss and gremory. Few hints about the locations its the cave where everything is burning, you loose your health fast so there is no time for looking frown pls help smile
Posted By: Raze Re: Imps Lair in Fjords - 24/02/10 09:14 PM

The key to the door should be in a look bag from one of the opponents in the group just before it.

Can you stand back and take out the healers and shaman with a bow, rather than move into/through the fire? A creature with a mage or ranger head might help.
If you do Stone and Raze's flying fortresses first, and don't get around to the imp cave until you are level 31, the fire doesn't do any damage.

Welcome to the forum. wave
Posted By: FootballFan Re: Imps Lair in Fjords - 24/02/10 09:58 PM
Raze thx for warm welcome and help smile

But to be honest i dont recall any oponents there its this location this is small location and it shows the key should be somewhere near the door but I cant find it, some guide suggested that its inside imp body but as i said i didnt fight anyone in there

edit. i flew around fjords for some time then i came back to this lair and there were oponents in there smile i guess it wass some kind of glitch and it worked after entering there second time. B
Posted By: NuhTarian Re: Imps Lair in Fjords - 21/03/10 02:12 AM
This is where I am at the moment as well. Keeping getting attacked from the sky, and when i go dragon and fly up there, there are no opponents lol.
Posted By: PurpleMushroomz Re: Imps Lair in Fjords - 21/03/10 11:59 PM
There were definitely Imps in there when I went into the Imp Lair. If I remember correctly, the Imp Boss area is one huge flame room where you constantly take damage from fire.
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