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Posted By: Brad69 keara - 11/03/10 05:29 AM
what are the names of the 5 statues in keara's maze are they the same for pc as they are for the 360. i tryed putting them in as posted and switched them around a lil bit but i cant get them right. it is frustrating me please help
Posted By: Raze Re: keara - 11/03/10 06:05 AM

The statue names are the same in the PC and Xbox versions. The bug/glitch with the missing text in some versions will be fixed in the next patch (whenever that is).
BTW there is no conformation when the names are entered correctly, until you go try the locked door and it opens.

The clues they should give are below (from the walkthrough), along with the solution (in a spoiler). You also either need to mindread Keara or find a note (near the first statue IIRC) for an additional clue to solve the puzzle.

-There's one statue near the entrance (1), two statues in the room to the
northwest - one in the northwest corner (2), and one in the northeast corner
(3) - and two statues in the room to the southwest - one on the south wall (4)
and one on the west wall (5).

-Statue 1's hints: Mayhem is not in the same room as Havoc. Devastation is in
the same room as Chaos.

-Statue 2's hints: I am either Devastation or Chaos. Waste is in the same room
as Mayhem.

-Statue 3's hints: Mayhem is alone in his room. Havoc is in this room.

-Statue 4's hints: I am neither Chaos, nor Havoc. Chaos is neither in my room,
nor in Waste's.

-Statue 5's hints: I am in the same room as Waste. I am neither Mayhem, nor

-1 is Devastation, 2 is Waste, 3 is Chaos, 4 is Havoc, and 5 is Mayhem.
Posted By: Joram Re: keara - 11/03/10 09:18 AM
Thanks Raze, you're great! You must have much patient too, like me. I appreciate that. smile

So brave Brad, what I wish to say about the puzzle in Keara's Fortress:
It's a pure logical puzzle! wink
1)Write all hints the statues give you (like Raze did wink on a piece of paper
and ...
2)make a drawing showing the positions you put 5 of the statues.
3)Combine this with the hints from the statues and the hint that the Note give you ...or mindread Keara!
4)Which conclusion do you make after reading that Note ?
... they all lie to me, they lie! ...

I'm proud I solve this puzzle on my own biggrin ... but I must say I search and search for more than 2 hours, at least! So don't give up!

And I'm hoping you haven't a bug here. I haven't had a bug and I play on Xbox, UK-version, Europe.
Posted By: Raven.rpg Re: keara - 11/03/10 04:00 PM
For good god
This is just too much
I think people ask like 50+ times what are names of statues

and welcome on forum
Posted By: Brad69 Re: keara - 12/03/10 12:16 AM
thanks to all
Posted By: Sky Re: keara - 16/03/10 02:37 PM
Damn i got a glitch version cause when i ask for clues there are no texts so i guess ill have to use the clues from here thanks.
Posted By: grannyct Re: keara - 26/04/10 05:46 PM
Me, too. Can I just go ahead and give the names, will this work or do I need a patch? Is there a patch for the English PC version?
Posted By: Raze Re: keara - 26/04/10 08:55 PM

You can just give the name for each statue. I wouldn't expect the next patch too much before the add-on is released (about September). As Larian is still making changes (game balancing, engine optimization and bug fixes) to the main game, the beta testing procedures for the game and add-on may get combined to save time and resources.
Posted By: Shocker Re: keara - 25/05/10 03:35 AM
the first statue is Devastation, in the Lava room on the right is Mayhem, on the left is Havoc, in the Garden room, on the right is Chaos, on the left is Waste, good luck
Posted By: tat2scourge Re: keara - 29/08/10 04:08 AM
i got the glitch version 2.....
on top of no texts, was in mid battle & fell thru the floor. Creatures were still alive & fighting but i remained stuck in the floor way below. Is this a problem with any1 else? did
Posted By: Raze Re: keara - 29/08/10 04:55 AM

That is relatively rare, but is a known issue. It happened to me, and others, a couple times when Rush Attacking either up or down hill.
Posted By: Eciruam Re: keara - 01/04/11 03:48 AM
thank you thank you thank you, those statues was becoming very aggravating, but hey i gained 3 levels by learning the hard way
Posted By: Raze Re: keara - 01/04/11 04:14 AM

In the topic helpfull way to gain experience! (in the DKS/FoV help forum), Uriel reported leveling from 33 to 40 in 2.5 hours. Of course, it wouldn't be nearly as frustrating doing it deliberately.

how to reach level 40+

Welcome to the forum. wave

P.S. I posted this in another topic, but in case anybody would like help to figure the puzzle out for themselves (and they skipped over the answers posted above)...
For the statue names, once you know they lie (mindreading Keara or finding the note), just write down the clues opposite of what they say. My interpretations of the clues looked like the following

M with H. D not with C

2 not D or C. W not with M

M not alone. H not in room with statue 3

4 either C or H. C either in room with statue 4 or W

5 not with W. 5 either M or W.
and then
From the last clue, statue 5 must be M.
From the first clue (M with H), statue 4 must be H.
From the second clue (2 not D or C), statue 2 must be W, since that is the only option left.
From the forth clue (C either in room with statue 4 or W), statue 3 must be C
this leaves statue 1 as D

Posted By: Argon7 Re: keara - 19/07/11 05:07 PM
ok i have no idea where the names go i know for a fact that the one who is alone is Mayhem
who are the others name and where do they go i got lost yesterday playing it lol
Posted By: Raze Re: keara - 19/07/11 07:36 PM

There is a note there you can find saying that the statues lie, or you can mindread Keara to find that out...

The solution is:
The statue at the start is Devastation. In the fire room, the statue on the west wall is Mayhem, while the one on the south is Havoc. In the green room, the western statue is Waste, while the eastern one is Chaos.

Or see the spoilers immediately above your post to see how to figure it out.

Welcome to the forum. wave
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