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Posted By: Gorath[RPGWatch] Stuck in Ragon's Cave - 14/09/10 09:32 PM
I can't get through a cave in the Orobas Fjords.

It's the cave with the book for my alchemist, near the fortress with the levers to disable the force fields at the start of this area. There's also one of the bandits in it (Ragon, I think). Coordinates ca. (9, 27) on this map (scroll down to correct map).

When I enter the map I find the body of a dead priest and a key nearby. No idea what the key does.
Slightly down the path there's a big group of bandits. The cave splits: The path to the left leads to a locked door with a gate. I can't get through the gate.
The right path leads to a force field. I can see what's behind it, but I can't get through.

I could use some help here.
Posted By: Raze Re: Stuck in Ragon's Cave - 14/09/10 11:01 PM

AFAIK the key near the dead priest is not associated with any lock.

Have you checked all the loot? One of the bandits should drop a key to get through the locked door, and past there is a puzzle to lower the force field blocking the other path.
Posted By: Gorath[RPGWatch] Re: Stuck in Ragon's Cave - 15/09/10 11:39 AM
Thanks for your answer.

I've killed the bandits ca. 5 times and searched for loot carefully. No key. Is it possible that the key only drops if the resp. bandit is killed by my char, or that the key doesn't spawn when my creature or my demon make the kill?

Or is it a known bug when the add-on is installed?
Posted By: Raze Re: Stuck in Ragon's Cave - 15/09/10 05:43 PM

It shouldn't matter who makes the kill; the bandit that drops the key is named Sura.

I don't recall this problem coming up with just the English version of D2:ED. You would have to ask in the German forum if this is a known issue in that version, or with FoV installed.
Posted By: Gorath[RPGWatch] Re: Stuck in Ragon's Cave - 15/09/10 08:08 PM
Damn. A similar thing happened in another quest. I found Alrik, and after a short cut scene I killed his whole group. Result: No dead Alrik and no loot at all.

Is there a way to spawn quest items?
Posted By: Raze Re: Stuck in Ragon's Cave - 15/09/10 08:54 PM

I don't know of any way to spawn quest items.

You could try emailing
Posted By: Gorath[RPGWatch] Re: Stuck in Ragon's Cave - 18/09/10 05:11 PM
Originally Posted by Raze

I don't know of any way to spawn quest items.

You could try emailing

I don't want to do that. I got the games for free, but I'm not able to write a review (personal reasons). It would be a bit unfair to expect Larian to invest time ( = money) if they don't get anything in return.
But given that I'm running into A bugs every couple of hours it's maybe even good that I'm not writing the review. wink

I found Alrik by accident. He was teleported to another point, the left tower in the castle ruins where the dragon cult is at home. When I wanted to open the crate on top of the tower, Alrik was suddenly at the lowest level.

Xantosch (sp?) and his pet also disappeared, never to be seen again. Which means I cannot complete the Ulthring set.
The first necro quest in the undead cave in the south of the fjords also failed because the relevant monster wasn't there.

The thing all mentioned cases have in common is:
A critical NPC should be spawned, but it doesn't happen.

Alrik spawned at a different place. This could hint at a world-coordinates problem. Maybe it's as simple as that: The NPCs spawn, but the table with the locations got mixed up.

After browsing the German tech forum I think I can safely say it's relatively common problem for people playing with the add-on.
Posted By: Daen Re: Stuck in Ragon's Cave - 25/11/10 06:36 PM
I just had my save game repaired by support because of the Alrick/Raze/Moor NPCs being in the wrong spot ... and now I am in this situation too. Stuck in the bandit cave with no key. Can't get past the gated door, can't get past the force field ... and therefore can't finish those quests. I noticed as well that I have a similar issue in the imp cave ... killed everything moving, no key to get past the gate.

Same problem? Seems like it, and it's highly discouraging.
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