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Posted By: Jocco Little help starting game - 15/09/10 02:04 PM
Own all Divinity games...this one has me confused!! (1) Mouse is very slow to control...glides around and hard to click on something, is this normal? (2) Talked to first required what? Just wander around? Sorry for this confusion, wanted to find out what, if anything, is wrong, before I continue...pls...thanks...Jocco
Posted By: Gorath[RPGWatch] Re: Little help starting game - 15/09/10 02:34 PM
Check the options menu, maybe there's a mouse sensitivity slider.

The controls are pretty standard, you shouldn't have many problems getting started.

You should be in the tutorial area now. Talk to everybody, try all 3 choices offered by the teachers (magic, sword, bow), practice the mind reading skill ASAP. Mind reading is very important. Often loot or even quests only become available if you've read someone's mind.
I suggest a quicksave before each dialog. Sometimes mind reading is only a waste of XP (maybe in 20% of the cases).

Starting with your career choice (it doesn't really matter because you can develop freely) when you leave the tutorial, most decisions are final. This is a Euro-RPG - so don't expect 2nd chances. wink

In most places combat and dialog are clearly separated, so you can generally predict whether or not you'll need your weapon.

Another detail worth mentioning:
Shops restock after every level-up.
Posted By: jsmitherman Re: Little help starting game - 15/09/10 07:34 PM, setting the mouse sensitivity does no mouse just 'sorta floats around' and is hard to control..this is only noticed when clicking on an answer, question, etc. Also, it says 'click the UP or DOWN buttons to control movement. Is this the arrow buttons, or am I missing something. It also mentions other buttons for control and I do not know what they are talking about! Also, do you have to close one window, etc., before controlling another window, i.e., arming your character, inventory, etc. Also, what are the buttons on bottom of screen with the 1,2,3,4, etc in them. And the arrow at the right. You (or I cannot) click on them or anything and I do not know how to, or what to do, use them. If you do not mind, there are other things just to get this old man started, but will allow answers to these right now. (By the way, is the keys the only way to control movement, i.e., no mouse, etc?) Thanks so much...sorry, but you can see I am not a gammer, but I do love trying!!
Posted By: Raze Re: Little help starting game - 15/09/10 08:54 PM

If the dialog choices are numbered you can hit the corresponding number key to select them.

By default the mouse controls the camera and combat, while the keyboard controls movement (wasd or arrow keys). Gamepads are supported, though no profiles are provided so you have to change each control yourself in the options.

The 8 numbered buttons at the bottom of the screen are hotkeys you can assign spells, skills, potions and certain items to (right click to configure).

Kein post a download link for the PC Manual (2.2MB) near the end of this topic.

Are you shutting down all non-essential programs (especially anti-virus) before starting the game?

A few people have reported poor mouse performance in menus, etc, sometimes also associated with in-game stuttering.

Game is stuttering, also the cursor in the menu

First Aid Kit for Divinity II

First Aid : when Div2 does not start or crashes

Choppy game - possible fix

For people with stuttering graphics
Posted By: jsmitherman Re: Little help starting game - 17/09/10 01:49 PM
Have explored since last post...may I clear up some questions I have? (1) As said, mouse is very sensitive, appears to just glide around, hard to click on a reply, etc. (2) Yes, mouse controls the camera, world, etc. But, I do not have a mouse cursor per se, only a small circle in the middle of the screen so mouse cursor is no good. The only time cursor is available is when I talk, then I can click on question, reply, etc. So, I cannot click on the numbered 1-8 circles at the bottom of the screen. No cursor. Since I have no cursor, how do I fight, pick up items, open doors, etc. (3) Suppose this is fine, but my avator does not talk, I just click on the reply, response at the screen and the person I am confronting does then talk. If this is the case, then why does no avator have a voice (4) Do you have to stop eveything to access your hero, then go to menu, click hero? If this is so, then if you need to access hero during a scrimmage, then good-by hero! (By the way, when I go to menu and click 'hero' it brings up hero screen and then my mouse cursor is available and then I can click on the circles, etc., but not during play). I know this is just a pain to you since you are gammers but can you help me just to see if I have the game installed correctly or am I missing something...seems wierd! Thanks...Jocco
Posted By: Raze Re: Little help starting game - 17/09/10 02:39 PM

At least one person found that having a specific program running in the background (used to allow control of multiple networked computers with the same keyboard and mouse) caused the mouse to be extremely sensitive controlling the camera, etc.

Hit the corresponding number on the keyboard to use a one of the hotkeyed circles. I don't have the PC version, so assume you have to pause the game first, or open the inventory / skill window or something to configure them.

As described in the manual, on the PC the default key to interact with a highlighted object (open a door / chest, pick up a key, etc) is 'E' or right click (point the centre screen crosshairs at something to highlight it, if you are close enough). Left click to attack, and use the F1-F3 keys to switch between different weapon sets (a bow is quite handy at the start of the game even for a predominantly melee fighter, to draw opponents to you and get a bit of damage in first).

You can select a voice for your character to make comments (during combat or finding good/crappy loot, etc), but if all of the character's speech options were voiced that would greatly increase the amount of voiced dialog, which would greatly increase the costs of localization, etc. Considering you have to read the responses first anyway in order to select an appropriate one, many people would probably skip through a voiced repeat anyway.

It is by design that there is no mouse cursor when moving around or during combat, just in the inventory, etc, where it is needed. The controls had to to work similarly for ground and air based movement and combat, and after trying various schemes, Larian decided that using the keyboard for movement and mouse for camera control worked best.
Hit F to pause the game if you want to check or adjust stats, skills or inventory during combat. At least with the Xbox version you could bring up the main menu and go into whatever you wished, but without pausing first that would give opponents an extra second or so to attack, as you are distracted entering and exiting the menu (which may or may not be a problem).
Posted By: jsmitherman Re: Little help starting game - 17/09/10 02:47 PM
Thank you so much, makes sense. Wish there was a site that gave you info on using controls, etc. In other words, just to get started!
Posted By: Weston Re: Little help starting game - 09/10/10 12:09 AM
There is a problem with the mouse, I just wrote up a thread in the technical support area this morning asking if there is a work around to getting the mouse to work the way it does in almost every other game ever released or at the very least to act like it does in windows. No reponse so far, and I don't honestly expect one.

The mouse moves like it's moving through jelly instead of air, when you stop the mouse movement, the mouse continues on briefly. It is a very annoying aspect of the game and one that makes me just want to pull my hair out at times.

It doesn't appear to be a problem of tieing it to the frame rate since my frame rate is between 30 and 60 which in every other game that I play with the same performance of frame rate the mouse cursor works properly. It's borked in Divininty II in my opinion.
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