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Posted By: Dundalis Unique Items - 29/06/13 12:46 PM
Just curious how many unique (dark red) items people got in DKS? This is the highest level item rarity isn't it? I'm assuming that they drop with some regularity in FOV but what about Ego Draconis?

I haven't seen one in the game yet, but wanted to know if they drop with some regularity later on so I don't waste my high level charms too much on the few elder/epic items I've acquired.
Posted By: Raze Re: Unique Items - 29/06/13 07:14 PM

Yes, the unique class of equipment is the highest level item rarity. On level 33 I had epic equipment at best, by 42 (in FoV) had a unique cuirass, gauntlets, rings, belt and necklace (though later switched to an epic necklace, IIRC).

FYI, I did not use any charms in the game, but collected 5 lesser charms, 9 minor, 27 major, 56 blessed and 61 divine charms (7 of which were vitality, 3 spirit, 10 strength, 7 dexterity, 6 intelligence and 28 other).
Posted By: Dundalis Re: Unique Items - 30/06/13 05:35 AM
Ok so it looks like there aren't any unique items found until FOV?

Im stocking up on blessed melee damage charms, because they are far more valuable to an unarmed character where a +8 to melee is almost tripled in terms of extra damage with maxed out unarmed skill and strength. Especially on nightmare mode where it's hard to fight enemies close up without dying unless you can reduce the numbers quickly.

Theres 4 dealers that sell charms, so im visiting them each time I level up to stock up on them. Have already wasted quite a few on equipment when Ive then found much better.
Posted By: Raze Re: Unique Items - 30/06/13 06:18 AM

Technically you can get unique class equipment before FoV. I got a unique bracelet in the Hall of Echoes (level 37), and I think a couple other unique pieces of equipment that were not worth upgrading to.

With my ranger in DKS (on nightmare) I could just go with whatever the best set or predetermined bow was; after the first couple levels I never saw a randomly generated bow worth looking at (except possibly for the enchantment formula). I'm planning on starting an unarmed warrior someday, so will have to remember to keep an eye out for melee damage charms. I fell back to unarmed combat with my ranger at the start of the game, where a bracelet with a +3 melee bonus (from the beholder on the north side of the river) made a noticeable difference on level 2.
Posted By: crillgamer Re: Unique Items - 14/07/13 03:05 AM
The Gremmory chest will have unique items. If I save before the chest there are times I got 2 unique jewelry items. Not exactly the skills I want but it wasn't rare to find them.
Posted By: Raze Re: Unique Items - 14/07/13 03:50 AM

It will in the original release of D2:ED, but not in DKS / D2:DC (there only epic class equipment is available from the Gremory treasure chest).
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