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Basically - how do I raise my dragon hitpoints/Health?

I mean - there are no new points when I level up.

Hope one of you can help me.
Posted By: Raze Re: How to raise you dragon hitpoints/health? - 25/11/13 01:21 AM

Your dragon stats increase automatically when you level; there are no assignable stat points, just skill points.

However, there is equipment with a +40% hit point or mana bonus (the former being preferable since mana regenerates fairly quickly in dragon form), as well as +40% offence or defence (again the former is preferable, IMO; there is a Dragon Shield spell that can temporarily boost your defence, as well as a summon spell that can provide a bit of a distraction).

You should at least have 1 level of Dragon Spirit, and can hotkey potions for the (usually rare) cases that isn't enough. After you get the battle tower you can sell off all your lower level potions and just make/keep the highest level healing and rejuvenation potions available.

Runners and Tower ? / Very low success rate with Fanny Blossom? (DKS topics, though IIRC the minor differences from D2:ED are mentioned)
Thanks for the help.

I asked this question because the first time I played I was unable to get to the hall of Echos because I apparently wasn´t prepared enough, and thought I had not done enough to raise my dragon hitpoints. - I had maxed my potions though.

Anywhere specific I should go to find the equipment you mention?
Posted By: Raze Re: How to raise you dragon hitpoints/health? - 25/11/13 04:54 PM

You may have missed one of the subquests to get to the Hall of Echoes in your first game. If you run into that problem again, look up 'Hall of Echoes Bound' in the forum, or Dragon Knight Saga FAQ/Guide, etc.

In the battle tower chest there are 2 pieces of the bone dragon set that give you +40% hit points and offence. For alternate set pieces, or mana / defence bonuses, see the topic Dragon Armour (locations only) or the DKS guide above (bonuses and locations).
Thanks for the links - I will definitly look into this and make sure I have done all the quests and gotten the armor before I go to the Hall of Echos this time.
When I mindread the patriarch my dragon hitpoints improved quite a lot, like 400 or so I think, so my dragon hitpoints are now 1200+ .
Posted By: Raze Re: How to raise you dragon hitpoints/health? - 28/11/13 04:49 PM

You can get experience talking to Patriarch, completing one of the Hall of Echoes subquests, which may have been enough for you to level, but the actual mindread should 'just' give 3 dragon skill points.
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