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Posted By: NightMares Bug or intended? - 13/02/10 07:25 AM
I just started the fjord area, when I attack the nests and towers, then land again I am always missing something that I had equipped, seems to happen with bows the most, but I have lost other items.

I save a lot but, not sure how to make any progress when every time I reload and start over I lose another item.

Is this a bug?
Posted By: Raze Re: Bug or intended? - 13/02/10 08:05 AM

Do you actually loose items, or are they just unequipped?

Either way it is a bug.
Posted By: NightMares Re: Bug or intended? - 13/02/10 01:47 PM
They are gone, they are not in inventory or equipped.

It is usually when I have my bow equipped, when I start I change to a dragon it is equipped, when I change back I do not have it equipped or in inventory. It is a heroic bow that I use a lot so I have to restart at the last save. It happened three times, I equipped something else to see if it was the bow, but the sword disappeared also.
Posted By: Tarro Re: Bug or intended? - 17/02/10 05:23 AM
I have had this bug too. I usually loose jewelry though. I keep extra necklaces on me just for that issue...
Posted By: sloo_monster Re: Bug or intended? - 17/02/10 06:15 AM
This is strange, Maybe you sent it to the battle tower on accident? or maybe the game did as a bug, either way, check your storage
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