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Posted By: droidZ freezing momentarily when clicking on skills - 17/02/11 12:39 AM
When on the skills selection screen and i click on a skill (either to put a point into it or to view the description) the game freezes for a few seconds. While the game is frozen for that moment, it shows the description of the skill that is in the top-left corner (i think that's the summon undead skill) than it finally gives me the description of the skill that i clicked on and the video demo of that skill on the left. the tiny videos that show the skill being used do play without any problem.
in any case, clicking again another another skill causes the game to freeze again for a few seconds before it shows me the skill description and its demo. this thing happens every time.
if i leave the skills screen and return to it, whichever skill i click on will always show the skill description of summon undead until the game unfreezes.
other than that, the game runs great on my machine. the game's intro video played very well with no choppiness.

computer specs:
windows 7 pro x64
intel Q9650 3.0ghz w/ 8GB ram
AMD HD6970 2GB (version 11.2 catalyst drivers)
creative labs soundblaster x-fi titanium hd

Do you have the patch installed? This isn't a known issue, though, AFAIK.

Try emailing with a description of the problem, and maybe a link to this topic (in case you add any details before they respond). See the DKS support page.
yes, i have the patch 1.03 installed for divinity 2: ego draconis. i don't think the DKS support page applies to me since i have the originial divinity 2: ego draconic game or does it?

anyway, i sent an email to larian support.

Oops, sorry. I guess I opened up multiple topics and then wasn't paying close enough attention to which forum this one was in when I replied.

The DKS support page isn't relevant for you (unless you install the add-on FoV and then the FoV to DKS conversion patch).
By the way, aren't there some issues with D2: Ego Draconis when it is installed on second hard drive?
My game is also installed on a different hard drive.

AFAIK there shouldn't be any problems installing it on a different partition / hard drive.

I'm experiencing similar problems. I've bought Divinity 2 The dragon knight saga on Steam, and each time I click on a skill in the skill window, the game freezes for around 5~7 seconds. It looks like it's loading/caching the preview video.

Is there a solution yet for this problem, or do I need to contact like the OP?
Delete those video's from your folder.
Should be possible even with Steam's version.

Someone else ran into this problem recently with DKS: momentarily game freezes in skill select screen.
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