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Posted By: huber looking for a walkthrough - 24/11/10 02:05 PM
hi guys.

tried to look for a walkthrough in google - no success. do you know of one?
Posted By: Blackbird Re: looking for a walkthrough - 08/12/10 05:04 PM
I don't know about a walkthrough.
You should look on the forum if you have a question about a quest.

One of the most important sidequests is the quest with the three talking vegetables. Completing this quest gives you access to a few other quests and even a mainquest like finding thaddeus.

I think there is a dozen of posts about the five clues and orbs.
Posted By: 2Lazy2Login Re: looking for a walkthrough - 10/12/10 06:02 AM
The best way is to go to they have many guides posted there, but if you are looking for FoV guides, the you are SOL because they absolutely REFUSE to post a guide on it simply because it is too short of an expansion. I think the expansion is LONG AS HECK but they don't so... Sorry
Posted By: Blackbird Re: looking for a walkthrough - 12/12/10 10:42 PM
I think someone needs to write a walkthrough and submit it to gamefaqs.

Edit: I hope gamefaqs will know FOV is available to be bought (at least in Europe).
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