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Posted By: JohnJSal One of the worst endings ever - 08/03/11 06:39 AM
Perhaps this has been discussed before, but I felt it important to add my opinion anyway, in case the developers pay attention to these forums. I have to start by saying that Divinity II was an excellent game, and even the abrupt ending didn't bother me *that* much. I loved the playstyle and I was just completely sucked into the world and the story the whole time. I hated that it ended.

FoV had the same effect on me. I spent the first couple of hours not even in fighting, just exploring the town, talking to people, and getting quests. I loved it.

And then comes the dreaded escort mission. As soon as Zandalor explained the "plan," I heaved a big sigh and knew in advance I probably wouldn't enjoy it much. And oh boy did I hate it. This was one of the worst designed aspects of any game I've played. It was silly not to allow us to already have our dragon armor from the first game equipped. I began the mission without knowing I needed to get it out of my Battle Chest first, and halfway through I didn't feel like starting over.

Actually, halfway through I was screaming at the screen and, for the first time, wishing the game would just end. For the entire game (both of them) to come down to that was, in my opinion, such a huge misstep for Larian that I just can't believe they imagined that to be good gameplay design. You're given a generic dragon form to frantically fly all over the place trying to destroy everything in sight and never quite sure what's attacking the zeppelin at any given moment.

I'm sure plenty of people liked it and didn't find it as frustrating or difficult, but even behind a simple "I liked it/I didn't like it" survey, it just seemed like such a poor, lackluster way to end the game, and it certainly didn't help that it was just an awful experience for me on top of that.

Not to mention
that the ending *still* didn't resolve the Damned One/Damien storyline! After the way the first game ended, how could this one not completely wrap up that story!?
Posted By: pall Re: One of the worst endings ever - 09/03/11 12:20 PM
I can understand you anger about this mission, many players (myself included) feels the same way.
Posted By: legionangel Re: One of the worst endings ever - 10/03/11 01:43 AM
Originally Posted by JohnJSal
that the ending *still* didn't resolve the Damned One/Damien storyline! After the way the first game ended, how could this one not completely wrap up that story!?

More than likely... its because there is going to be a sequel laugh

I like this game a lot more than ED because during a side quest you dont have to run for half an hour to get to the next part of it. And hidden things, while still being hidden and very missable if your not looking for them, are a bit easier to find than they were. During one side quest you pick up another. One final point that I would like to make is that this game doesnt rely on just solving a litlle puzzle every once in a while.

The only thing that was a little annoying was how many quest you had to use mindread in, in order to complete them. Like... "Something Rotten." Without it, youll never find the key. But, I was cheating so it didnt bother me too much.

And if youre curios as to why Im cheating... its because I play for the story line and challenge of figuring things out with no help, not to concentrate on dodging, blocking, and doing everything to stay alive.
Posted By: Endurium Re: One of the worst endings ever - 10/03/11 05:13 AM
I agree. This has been posted before, but perhaps the stream of feedback on the subject will convince Larian to leave it out of future games. smile

I'm going to re-install DKS now that my computer is finally upgraded, but from now on I'm ending the game at Zandalor in FoV and starting a new game. I already know what happens since I forced myself to do the escort mission (took three tries on Casual) and have no desire to endure it again. The escort mission also killed my desire to replay the game and it's been some months now. I'd rather preserve my love of the game by skipping the end to FoV.
Posted By: legionangel Re: One of the worst endings ever - 11/03/11 02:23 AM
Suprisingly enough, I actually like the escort mission. Once I figured it out after failing like 6 times frown I just like to see how far I can get. Everytime I go through it, I get closer to the end of the islands.
Posted By: Eliirae Re: One of the worst endings ever - 12/03/11 06:31 PM
And again with the "escort missions suck!" threads.

Here is everything you need to know to make it not terrible:

You can go ahead of the airship thing you're suppose to be escorting.

What you do with that information is up to you.
Posted By: Lar_q Re: One of the worst endings ever - 15/03/11 08:24 AM
We're actually thinking of calling the next game - Divine Escort ! wink
Posted By: legionangel Re: One of the worst endings ever - 15/03/11 06:09 PM
Haha... very funny groovy
Posted By: Stabbey Re: One of the worst endings ever - 17/03/11 05:44 PM
If there's another game where you control a dragon in flight, I'd like to see MORE missions like the last one - not necessarily escort missions, but missions where the dragon form is needed to accomplish a specific objective, like "Destroy Anti-Ground Towers" (where going on foot would be too dangerous) or "Use your Firebreath to burn open the sealed gate" or "Kill the flying boss monster which will toast you if you try walking around on foot".

I enjoyed this escort mission a lot because it had a purpose, and because I knew even the first time that the best way to escort the zeppelin was to FLY WELL OUT IN FRONT AND KILL EVERY TOWER. Even on Nightmare mode, the Zeppelin was at full health until it reached the point where the captain started saying there were too many towers to make it.
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