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Posted By: GoSparkie Lockpicking Skill from an ED save - 06/05/11 06:48 PM
How do I increase my character's lockpicking skill (it's currently 6 - thanks to an extra point I nabbed by talking to Mysus in the Black Market before I killed him) if I imported a game from ED? If I try to go into the building where the wizard is, they say no one can go in and disturb him.
Posted By: Trippy Re: Lockpicking Skill from an ED save - 06/05/11 07:04 PM
Try the ministry (at the top of the main square). Look on the upper levels for a female trainer, she can train you to level 7.

EDIT - If you're already level 6, then you've already found the trainer - d'oh... So are you saying you can't pay for level 7 training? Lockpick is either capped at level 5 or level 7 in FoV, at least in the PC version.
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