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Posted By: MartiusR Tipsix key "doesn't work" - 19/02/22 09:02 PM
After killing Ork Tipsix I've collected all loot from his body and returned to Hugh. However I could not talk about the key, only about the ork's work with poison and that there seems to be deeper conspiracy. I could not choose phrase about key. I've tried to talk again with Hugh, but this option never appeared.

What is more, I'm unable to open doors in Blue Boar cellar, there is only message that doors are locked. As a result, I'm unable to push forward this quest.

I've even checked twice again the cave where Tipsix was hiding, but there is nothing left to collect. I'm extremely annoyed with this thing, how can I make it work properly? DId I done something wrong or there is some bug?

Here I've uploaded my save game to give better insight into my situation (in Blue Boar cellar);

I'm playing v 1.0062A (GOG version, the newest version)

EDIT: It's my first post, hello everybody! I'm Marcin "MartiusR" from Poland.
Posted By: MartiusR Re: Tipsix key "doesn't work" - 21/02/22 02:04 PM
Hi everybody, my issue is solved - I've received help from GOG's user and finally could use this key and complete the quest.
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