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Posted By: RinoaHeartily "Someone" Survivor Guide.. i Need it!! - 09/05/03 04:16 PM
Ok, can someone advise me on the skills to pour my hard earned points in?

As a survivor should i be investing into daggers or should i go for bow?

What should put into my stats with 5 stat points every level?

Thanks a lot
Posted By: gridlock Re: "Someone" Survivor Guide.. i Need it!! - 09/05/03 04:34 PM
personally i think a lot of the surviver skills are useless. except lockpicking, of course. invest in some long range magic (fireball). as for weapons, i would go for the bow or sword. long range weapons are safer but not near as fun.
Posted By: Womble Re: "Someone" Survivor Guide.. i Need it!! - 09/05/03 07:53 PM
Ok, IIRC there are a few useful ones:

Curse: Lowers resistances, Can be stacked and is not resisted. The animation effect 'stuns' the monster too. Almost too easy.

Alchemy: 1 point to stop the need to constanly buy potions.

Poison weapon: Massacre the orcs! Poison skin is cool too.

Deadly Gift: Scorps are cheese, use for tricky situations.

Identify has its uses, particularly if you want a good weapon without to much reloading. Save on gold for I.D. purposes too.

Don't bother with necroshift, it stinks. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/ouch.gif" alt="" />

Wisdom: there has been debate on this. Apparently its not worth it. I like the faster levelling myself.

Magic Barrier: not worth it unless you badly need resists.

Aura of Command: one point is good if you have resurrect or scorps. Crashes have occurred with a higher number of 'minions' though.

That's about it I reckon. Have fun! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif" alt="" />
cool.. i need more advice,

I find poison weapon extremely cool!! poison it on my bow and i shoot like legolas.. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/delight.gif" alt="" />

Btw, with alchemy at level 1, how can i combine to get poison? Coz it's hard to come by.. i am somewhere between aleroth and going to the barracks for the escort misson.

I found a bat of striking while down at the catacombs.. it has freeze(2). My goodness after wielding it, it's like god.. i can't die!!! one hit and it freezes everything!!! i use it to kill the Heavy orc at level 6!! can you believe it??

George is dead, where can i find the next shopkeeper who can repair stuffs? and sells weapons/armors.

I am using bow, any good skills that i should invest in to increase its effectiveness?

On every level up, i increase 2 Agility and the rest 1, is that good or could have been better?

Thanks a lot
Posted By: Raze Re: "Someone" Survivor Guide.. i Need it!! - 10/05/03 04:33 PM
I think you need level 2+ to make poison potions from white/grey mushrooms or rotting food. I believe the alchemist and Tingalf in Ars Magicana (east and north of the barracks) consistently have poison.

Frost on a weapon ignores the monster's resistance, so it will work on things Freeze does not effect.

Otho can repair items, otherwise there is a blacksmith in Ars Magicana.

Bow Expertise. I believe True Shot is still broke.

Unless you use a lot of magic, I would stop putting points into intelligence, and rely on item bonuses or charms for mana. As a warrior, I completed a game with intelligence 10, mana 574.
True Shot is broken?!! argh!! i just invested one skill point in it.

Btw raze, if i am planning to end this game with a bow, possibly, should i be investing in those skills that belongs to warrior.. like lightning/fire stuffs like that.. it woldn't affect long range weapon right?
Posted By: Raze Re: "Someone" Survivor Guide.. i Need it!! - 11/05/03 05:10 AM
You can use iZakaroN's SaveEditor to remove the point from True Shot.

Correct, the warrior's damage bonus skills only work for melee weapons, not long range.
Posted By: Slayemin Re: "Someone" Survivor Guide.. i Need it!! - 19/09/03 07:42 AM
Hmm.. I am playing my first game with a female survivor, intention was to be all theif-like and sneaky, with assassin-like skills to silently stalk and kill my prey. Heres my stats for my survivor. (The most powerful class IMHO, so far)

LeveL: 43
Strength: 107 (134 with Heavens Blessing)
Agility: 141 (171 with Heavens blessing)
Chance to get hit by a level 43 monster: 23% (19% with heavens blessing)
Chance to hit a level 43 monster: 82% (94% with heavens blessing)
Vitality: 556
Magic: 334
Damage with my Fierce Hunting Bow: 61-212, with poisoned weapon skill, add variable poison damage at rate of 10.

Relevantly/useful Skills:
Lockpick (5)
Wisdom (5)
Poison Weapon (4)
Bow Weapon Skill (4) (recovery time for all bows is now 3, recovery >=5 is no noticable difference. I thought recovery of 0 would make my char fire arrows like a machine gun, but alas...)
Embrace Shadows (1)
Elven Stamina (1)
Poison Arrows (3) (useless if you have poison weapon)
Healing Spell (2)
Deadly Gift (2) (scorpion traps are a last resort I guess, or if you don't feel like fighting)
Divine Death (3)
Enchant Weapon (5)
Heavens Blessing (4) (35% increase to all stats)
Reflect Arrows (1) (I can still take damage from physical projectiles?)
Alchemy(2) (Make your own poisons if you want, though I had no less then 40 minor and mediums)

Tactics and strategy:
-The darkness is your best friend. Turn off as many light sources in dungeons as possible, like torches and candles. Then embrace the shadows and walk around with impunity. Note: Gold acts as a light source in my version (never patched game)
-Poison your arrows! Almost all creatures die within seconds of being poisoned. Especially all monsters without resistances (orcs & red-blooded critters). Poison will also stack with each attack (arrow doesn't need to hit to inflict poison status). Poisoned enemies will be effectively slowed down since they take damage every half-second. However, undead, snakes, and dragon warriors + few others are completely immune & thus pose threats. Most bosses are easily slaughtered. Concentrate on agility to increase your "To Hit" rating. Engage multiple enemies at a time, generally 1 shot = 1 kill with poison.
-Hit and run tactics: Obviously you don't want to fire arrows point blank if you can do so just as effectively from a distance. Poison combined with a very fast fire rate improve the effects of this strat.
-I don't know if this is a "feature" or a "bug" which has been patched or not, but I discovered that if you put your mouse over an enemy and use the "embrace shadows" on them, you disappear completely and can fire without reappearing. Essencially, invincibility. Only way that you'd reappear is to encounter a light source or gold (caution: monsters may drop it next to you)
-Steel Scorpions: Insanely strong scorpions can take on an army. Even at a deadly gift level of 2, I pump out lvl 200 scorpions who can take on all monsters in a dungeon combined. So easy its almost cheap.
-Item with mana-stealing + heal spell: I found the axe of crusades, 50-100 dmg, poison (2), stun (5), mana-stealing (5). I can take on a near infinite amount of imps, each successful hit gives me 5 mana which can be used to cast heal on myself, or whatever spell I wish.
-Divine Teleportation: I hate walking. Just shift+scroll and click where you want to go. I guess it doesn't worry about distance, just make sure its a line of sight path. Before I had to use the Frog Statuette to travel fast. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/winkwink.gif" alt="" />
-If outdoors and facing a tough monster/boss: wait for night time so you can embrace the shadows. Doesn't work on the bad tree in the dark woods though. He instinctively *knows* where you are. Its his home, after all.

I have become a walking wait! Deity! (I wish I had angelic wings after the divine transformation!!! That'd be awe inspiring for the peasants to see me, and woe to the enemy who see's an angelic warrior in battle. I'd be like that piss-sodden orc in the wastelands! A god among mere mortals! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/winkwink.gif" alt="" />)

Hope that helps!
PS. I left over 150k gold in a chest, did the ritual, and now its gone! take your stuff with you, cause otherwise it gets donated to the finders/keepers society.
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