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Posted By: SirChronos Survivors - 24/05/08 04:27 PM
Okay, so I recently started replaying through DD (again). After a while, I felt like making a survivor character, then I realised that I had done so in the past, but stopped playing it because of a variety of things which made me feel weak (I did not use scorpian traps). I know survivors receive lower damage from str and there are no really powerful daggers ingame besides one perhaps, AFAIK. I'd like other people to give their experience with Survivors, or some links to guides perhaps.
Posted By: Raze Re: Survivors - 24/05/08 10:02 PM

Survivors tend to be the most challenging class to play, and may be the most versatile in possible playstyles.

The topic sorta new, got a quick question contains some information on playing survivors. There has been other stuff mentioned in various topics, but nobody has compiled or created a survivor's guide.
Posted By: SirChronos Re: Survivors - 25/05/08 10:34 AM
Okay, thanks a lot! I'll give it another try and see which difficulty is okay =)
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