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is the magic miror you find in aleroth a real 1? and how do you duplicate things/the healing gem?
Yes, it is real, but it can only duplicate the healing gem.

You have to drop the gem into a pool of water, like the one near Goemoe's house. It should disappear. Do the same with the mirror and presto!
ooh i thought you had 2 drop the mirror first and then drop the stone on it

You can drop the mirror first and then the healing gem. Actually I assumed that was the way it had to be done, but from SirChronos' description it apparently works the other way around, as well.
yeh thats wat i tried but the mirror did not dissapere i wil tri again thx

There is only one puddle in Aleroth that is deep/large enough to work, the one east of George's shop, and south of Goemoe's fenced yard.
oooo kk i tried the on north of geomoes house
The book says you need to drop the mirror first, but yes, it does work both ways.

It also says you can duplicate "certain magical items". I remember once holding on to the mirror until I had the level up jar. That was some years ago and don't recall if it worked or not. (Probably didn't because you still only have the one key.) But perhaps there are other things that can be duplicated, like charms. Perhaps someone should test that! smile
yeh thx
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