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Posted By: Losti [instruction] Font enlargement patch DD V2.00 - 05/08/09 04:58 PM
Font enlargement patch for Divine Divinity V 2.0 by Losti @

How does it works:

1. Download the "patch": Larger font "Patch" DD for V 2.00

2. extract files from to ..\Divine Divinity\Run\fonts\ for the disk version of the game, or ..\Divine Divinity\fonts\ for the download versions
3. go to the 'fonts' subfolder
4. run DD_font_enlargement_patch.bat
NOTE: It is necessary to run DD_font_enlargement_patch.bat directly from the 'fonts' folder

5. Now you can choose APPLY or UNDO this patch for three font categories
1. "general fonts" --> all fonts except books and dialogs
2. "book fonts" --> fonts for books, manuscripts
2. "dialog fonts" --> fonts for the dialog window

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

screenshot mirror : one, two

I didn't have a problem with the font size in DD, since I couldn't really play in higher than supported resolutions. Very rarely the game would randomly crash opening the auto map at higher resolutions, and it was infrequent enough that I would forget to either save first or avoid using the map.
Isn't working for me - am using the GoG version.

Installed to \Fonts instead of \Run\Fonts and it works now. Thank you very much smile
This doesn't work for me. I have the GoG version. I'm thinking it might be a Windows 7 issue since I had the same version of DD w/ font enlargement working fine on a Windows XP machine. Any ideas?
Very nice work, thank you! Downloaded. smile
Thank you for this modification, but I have a question: I find the fonts used in books and scrolls to be very hard to read. Is it possible to change it to something easier for the eyes? Like a simple Times New Roman font or similar? Or is there perhaps a way to convert a .ttf file to .fnt? Thanks in advance smile

I looked for freeware font editors or converters a couple times, but unfortunately didn't find anything suitable for the font files that the game uses.
sorry for bumping an old thread but thank you guys for making this wonderful patch, they should bundle this with the digital versions. I think this thread deserves a sticky smile
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