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Posted By: LarsandBars Questions - 04/04/10 11:29 PM
1. Two sick patients and only one healing gem. Now what? I am thinking that magic mirror has something to do with it.

2. How do you go about exposing Dr. Elroth and having him arrested.

3. Killed Pedro and got the letter. I took the letter to the Lt. and he said that they would look into it. I took the letter to Trevor and I got no response from Trevor. What gives?
Posted By: Raze Re: Questions - 05/04/10 12:36 AM

You are correct. There is a book near where you found the mirror, between or beside some packages/crates.
You need a pool of water (the large puddle just south east of Goemoe's house). Drop the mirror in the water, and when it disappears, drop in the gem.

BTW, don't tell either healer that you have cured their patient until you have cured both of them.

Check your quest log on this one; it can contain additional hints on what to do next.
Elrath, the Plague and the Poisoned Harvest

Is Tingalf still around? Lt Robin should have had him arrested.
Posted By: Stabbey Re: Questions - 05/04/10 06:37 PM
If you've already left Aleroth, I think it may be to late to heal the patients. I think they die if you put their quest off too long.

I don't think that Trevor gives you a reward for solving the at quest, but Marcus in Rivertown Market should give you something for your troubles.
Posted By: Raze Re: Questions - 05/04/10 08:55 PM

If you do any of the quests that give you an invitation to the castle, then the healers will move on their own, and you will fail the escort quest and be unable to heal the soldiers.

I'm pretty sure you get some experience points from completing Trevor' section of the Tingalf quest, once he gets tossed in jail.
Posted By: Joram Re: Questions - 06/04/10 12:59 PM
Nice to see people just begin to play (again) Divine Divinity
A few days ago I begin again with a new hero in DD and can't stop playing!! After all these years and after all many many times I began a new character, this game remains "addictive" for me!!! I can't count how much I play again ... so many times playing this beautiful game, a game I love the most of all in my gaming-life by now delight

Question: do you people play the last new version of DD, the V-1.05 ?

About the quest cure both patients:
don't forget to cure them both (for sure Verlat!) before you go solve the quest "Escort for the healers"! wink
Posted By: LewsTherinKinslayer13 Re: Questions - 08/04/10 07:38 AM
I play the pre-patch version so I can stack charms :p
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