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Posted By: makemeunreal Scary-Scary...But,free (: - 24/08/11 10:38 AM
Hi There!...Anyone want "How to Steal with style?" lessons? :P

First Lesson 2011/08/24 12:39

When,you have the Spider Statue,you can "fear away" the Merchants...Not workey with anyi use the Statue-->Become to a Spider-->enter a Merchants hause-->you bite him(Carefully,the msot of merchants are very weak :\ ) and,he will run outside the activate the statue once can Steal laugh I use this tactic..good luck,in the lands of Rivellion *_*

Next Lesson...Coming....
Posted By: Raze Re: Scary-Scary...But,free (: - 24/08/11 05:21 PM

Be careful about transforming into a spider if there are any guards around.

A mage character can also use their Swap Places special move to do this, though neither technique will work to let you get into Kistandalius' back room in Ars Magicana.

There is an exploit which will allow you to steal without any style:
If you drag and drop an item into an open container in your inventory it is not considered stealing. It will be seen as stealing when you remove items from that container, so make sure you are alone before doing so. At the start of the game Lanilor has a low weight chest in his house and later you can get sack of grain when you get to the farmlands; the lowest weight container in the game can be found in Verdistis, if you join the thieves' guild.
Posted By: makemeunreal Re: Scary-Scary...But,free (: - 24/08/11 06:29 PM
Yeaaa (: Thanks are great...i have few technique to Steal.

Posted By: makemeunreal Re: Scary-Scary...But,free (: - 24/08/11 06:35 PM
"How to Steal with style?"

Lesson 2 2011/08/24 20:34 (GMT+1)

In the beginning..You awake...pickup everything in the little "room" Go up...Take Eberything..In every start,examine the people's Bookshelf(you can find randomly Skillbooks)
Go out..Cutscene ^^ Lanilor was frozed by problem..go to Lanilors Hause...He isnt watching you--->Stealing *_*

In Otho..Hi has a Chest..drop outside the haus..and,when he comes out...dor take a little fresh air,or he walk to verlat...this is a big event! You can steal :P This Tactic work with Geome.
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