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Posted By: Lincolnshire Lad Help I'm stuck - 20/08/12 02:03 PM
I'm in the Dark Forest and have enetered a building with guardians either side (show up as friendly) and an empty holy grail on a table/altar in front of me. I got a warning message but can't pick up the grail.

What do I need to do?

On a minor matter, I cleared out the Imp's Castle but couldn't find the teleporter. Tough fights by the way, barely survived with my lvl 26 warrior (had to use my alternate sword with Frost 2 for the two boss fightd).

Thank you.
Posted By: Raze Re: Help I'm stuck - 20/08/12 05:08 PM

You should be able to click, hold and drag the grail into your inventory, or toss the grail towards the door first (if you are a low enough level you'd have a problem when the guardians are not so friendly).

The imp teleporter is outside the castle, right of the wall sections before the entrance, north of the stairs (screenshot). The activation scroll is inside the castle (map / closeup).
Posted By: Lincolnshire Lad Re: Help I'm stuck - 20/08/12 09:23 PM
Thank you Raze.

Finally got the grail after several tries (it's the problem I described in my first post when clicking/dragging an item into my inventory).

A new problem, once I get the grail the main boss and all the guardians attack me as you said. After several fruitless attempts to fight them all, all ending disastrously, finally ran for the exit and they didn't pursue.

Snag is I can't access the tunnel to the right as it appears to be blocked. I must confess I can't remember how I got into the antechamber with the glowing door. How do I escape? I'm level 27 by the way.
Posted By: Raze Re: Help I'm stuck - 20/08/12 09:59 PM

If you can not click and hold the mouse button down to get through the passage (it is a narrow passage in the south part of the eastern wall in the antechamber, but shouldn't be blocked), can you click on one of the torches in the passage, or hold the shift key down (if necessary) to move the screen focus over and click on the stairs out?

Can you teleport out?
Posted By: Lincolnshire Lad Re: Help I'm stuck - 21/08/12 10:57 AM
Thank you Raze. After clicking on a torch in the tunnel it worked and I'm now outside again. Phew!

Looked at the personal traits in the automap and wondered if it's broken? My offence is 80ish and my defence is 70ish and it says fighting isn't my thing and have I considered healing as a career (or words to that effect)?
Posted By: Raze Re: Help I'm stuck - 21/08/12 11:25 AM

Get your offence and defence up to 100 (depending on character class and equipment bonuses that would need an agility of about 130, or so) and the descriptions will change (there is part associated with offence and part defence). It changes again at 200, though without cheating you are not likely going to get them that high.
Posted By: Lincolnshire Lad Re: Help I'm stuck - 21/08/12 08:21 PM
Then that begs the question how high can basic attributes like Strength go?

I assumed that attributes (without any bonuses) was maxed at 100.
Posted By: Raze Re: Help I'm stuck - 21/08/12 10:17 PM

There is no cap on attributes, other than the technical limit of storing the values in 4 bytes in one of the save files. Actually, you can not max (FF FF FF FF = 4,294,967,295) the stat values; you can get up around 90 million, but closer to a billion there start to be issues (with strength, for example, the weight capacity becomes negative, and at higher values the strength itself becomes negative).

Practically, though, you are limited by level, equipment bonuses, the number of charm slots (up to 5 per piece of equipment, with up to 10 stat points per slot, using gold charms), etc.
At the end of my first game my stats were as follows (the number in brackets indicates the values with no equipment, without Finnigan's lockpicks in my inventory). I had plenty of gold charms I could have used, if needed.

Level 53 Warrior

Vitality     1260    (444)
Magic         574     (30)

Strength      145    (111)
Agility       150    (112)
Intelligence   18     (10)
Constitution  100     (74)
Offense       124     (89)
Defense       108     (78)

Damage      139-178  (54-64)
Armour        484      (0)

Lightning Resistance   95 (25)
Fire Resistance       110 (25)
Poison Resistance      35 (25)
Spirit Resistance      95 (25)

Reputation     51
Weight       4500    (3820)
Posted By: Lincolnshire Lad Re: Help I'm stuck - 22/08/12 12:47 AM
Excellent,thanks Raze.

Anoher question if you don't mind..

What are Fnnigan's Lockpicks?
Posted By: Raze Re: Help I'm stuck - 22/08/12 01:15 AM

In Verdistis, in the cellar of the Ducal inn, Finnigan will offer you a quest to steal his magic lockpicks from the city watch building. In a game started in the patched disk version you could return the lockpicks to complete the quest, then buy them back (he was also a decent trader, and had a fair chance of having poison potions, traps, etc in addition to random potions and equipment). With an unpatched disk version, or in the Steam version, it is better to keep the lockpicks and not complete the quest, since they can not be bought back (and he has little or no inventory to trade with).
In an unpatched disk version or the Steam version the lockpicks will disappear if you drop them on the ground (they are fine in the updated disk version), though there is a way to get them back (using the Lost Items procedure).

Finnigan's lockpicks are unbreakable, so you no longer need to carry around a stack of regular lockpicks, and give a stat boost while in your inventory.
+20 Agility

Posted By: Lincolnshire Lad Re: Help I'm stuck - 22/08/12 08:47 AM

I have the Steam version 1.006a (or something like that). I'll follow your advice and do, but not complete, the quest. So like the unbreakable lockpicks in Oblivion and Skyrim but with a nice added Agility bonus.

Thank you.
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