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Posted By: Queen_Eriu Dragon Armor Bug? - 22/03/03 02:50 AM
I've been wrapping things up, clearing my quest log before assembling the last member of the council and ringing the gong . . . I faithfully followed all the steps to getting the Dragon Armor (got the Dragon Heart, retrieved the Stone Axe and the letter, etc.), but when I talk to Sir Patrick, I don't get the Dragon Armor quest option.

Has anyone experienced this? Is there something else I need to do?

Please help - I want my Dragon Armor!!!


Posted By: Sir_Toejam Re: Dragon Armor Bug? - 22/03/03 03:01 AM
did you take the letter to the dwarf king?
Posted By: Queen_Eriu Re: Dragon Armor Bug? - 22/03/03 03:06 AM
Yup - I followed the directions precisely, got the Dragon Armor quest from the Dwarven King, including the information that it was in the possession of a rich merchant in Verdistis - but no go.
Posted By: HolyWarrior Re: Dragon Armor Bug? - 22/03/03 03:12 AM
what options ARE you getting?
Posted By: kiya Re: Dragon Armor Bug? - 22/03/03 03:17 AM
[Linked Image]

This should be the conversation tag with Patrick. Just a guess: did you talk to Grisha, the Dwarven smith? If not, it helped some...
Posted By: Queen_Eriu Re: Dragon Armor Bug? - 22/03/03 12:38 PM
The conversation options I get are
1) Offer of credit - leads to several options for borrowing gold
2) Dialog about being rich, leading to complaints about Sir Dante
3) Good-by

I reloaded and talked to Grischa immediately after receiving the quest from the king, to no avail - same conversation options with Sir Patrick.

Was there someone else I needed to talk to in between talking to Grisha and talking to Patrick? I've talked to everyone I know in Verdistis, but nothing I've done has triggered the Dragon Armor conversation with Patrick.

- A sadly disappointed Eriu
Posted By: kiya Re: Dragon Armor Bug? - 22/03/03 12:49 PM
No, no one else. I'm puzzled.
You got the quest in your log book (king)
You're informed via logbook where
you're informed about the forging (Grisha)
you've got the dragonheart
and Patrick is silent...

I have no clue, sorry.
Is the letter in your inventory or gone? Some gamers had to throw this and the Axe into the Hall so the Dwarven King would get it.

A last try: Mpenzak has something to say about this armour, too - the trader in Verdistis - do you recall a speech option( convers. logbook?)

Raze has a download fix, click here, please

Posted By: Queen_Eriu Re: Dragon Armor Bug? - 23/03/03 04:38 AM
Well, I tried all the suggestions given and never did get the Dragon Armor from Patrick. I finally downloaded Raze's file and got the armor that way, so all was not lost, but I never figured out why I didn't get the in-game option that I should have.

Thanks for your help, I am now on my way to banishing the Black Ring!

Queen Eriu
Posted By: BloatyHead Re: Dragon Armor Bug? - 24/03/03 04:01 PM
I can actually answer this question as I had the same problem today.

The first time I spoke to Sir Patrick I got the same options and thought I had to go all the way back to Grischa. However, for some reason I headed back into Sir Pat's house and on speaking to him again, got the option of the breastplate mention.

Sorry it's late but it may help someone else!
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