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Posted By: Rugster Experience eater - 05/11/03 12:18 AM
It might be abit harder to win through but that bodyguard you get in the catacombs under aleroth is a serious experience killer, unlike summoned pets you get no xp when he kills something...Completing half the cats then going orc hunting to get lvls is abit longer but definatly worth the saved xp..
Posted By: Raze Re: Experience eater - 05/11/03 01:08 AM
I never noticed that. He was slow and had poor path-finding if you went around a corner too far ahead of him, so I brought him up to the surface right away.
Posted By: kiya Re: Experience eater - 05/11/03 01:19 AM
I didn't need him, in my later games I simply didn't wake him up. As Raze said, he was too slow and I didn't want to run into the risk that he kills one of my important orcs.

Killing Jake the zombie twice made me lvl 3 and then I went into the catacombs with meteorstrike and a relative good equipment due to George's stupidity.
Posted By: Rugster Re: Experience eater - 05/11/03 12:22 PM
I do the heal quest, defreeze quest, drug quest and teleport quest first, by the time you get to anything hard to kill you're lvl 4-5..

I use the dude for company he gives.. and because he's in the game to be used and abused.. but i dont understand why he dont give xp to you for his kills..

btw if you get to far ahead of him, he repops next to you.
Posted By: LewsTherinKinslayer13 Re: Experience eater - 15/11/03 06:58 AM
I go up on surface for the chance of gold or something. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif" alt="" />
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