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Posted By: Daredevil ars magicana??? - 08/04/03 03:34 PM
ars magicana where can i find it ? I read somethings about it on the forum but i don't know where it is. Is it the place where Tingalif sell his goods? How do i get in the eost room of the wizard In that area?
Plz help!
Posted By: Hunter Re: ars magicana??? - 08/04/03 03:40 PM
It is the mage shop on the local market of Rivertown (NW corner of Rivertown Market). So you have already been there actually. I don't know how to enter his room unless you lockpick the door. Just north of it you can find the teleporter which is also called "ars magicana" if I'm not mistaken.
Posted By: LOSTONE Re: ars magicana??? - 08/04/03 04:08 PM
you can actually get a few free moments of looting in that back room... just ask the poet guy outside to rap for ya and wizard comes out to listen... whiles hes outside you can run in and loot for a few seconds <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/devil.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Daredevil Re: ars magicana??? - 08/04/03 04:18 PM
How do i activate the teleporter caus I don't have zandalors scroll
Posted By: Dragon Re: ars magicana??? - 08/04/03 04:37 PM
If you don't have Zandalor's scroll, that means you didn't get out of Aleroth.

You have a long walk to Ars magicana (market). <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

It's located in the NE corner of the first main map.
Posted By: kiya Re: ars magicana??? - 08/04/03 07:14 PM
Daredevil: Entering the east room.
There is a poet standing outside, right? Click on him, he will recite something, the mage will go out to listen, then you can run into the room, grab the stuff out of the chest - you haven't got much time.
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