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Posted By: Vince Bly Getting Evidence to King Duntarim - 23/11/19 12:38 AM
Although I've played through DD several times, this time I'm stuck. I have the evidence from the dwarven mines and the King asked for it. However, I can't get the evidence to him because the dwarfs at the King's entrance take all my belongings, including the evidence. Of course, they also take my portal stones.

I'm sure there must be a simple solution, but I can't figure it out and didn't find an answer searching the internet. What do I need to do?
Posted By: Raze Re: Getting Evidence to King Duntarim - 23/11/19 05:43 AM

- Toss a teleporter pyramid into the room and bypass the guards (can also use the mage's special move to swap places with a guard inside).
- Toss the evidence past the guards and pick it up after you enter.
- Use Poison Cloud to kill the 2 guards that take your stuff (cast near them but not directly targeting them, so they don't turn hostile, and you don't loose any reputation points).
Posted By: Vince Bly Re: Getting Evidence to King Duntarim - 23/11/19 09:23 AM
@Raze, thank you. I tried throwing the evidence, but couldn't throw it far enough. When I tried to pick it up after giving the rest of my belongings to the guards, the "Do you want your stuff back?" script would run. However, later I tried throwing a teleporter pyramid and was able to throw it much farther. That worked. smile
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