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[Info] Debug Mode - Better Game Performance + Windowed Mode

After beating the game, I decided to start hacking it for fun and seeing what all has been hidden over the years in the game. Something that was pretty disappointing is how badly this game runs on newer systems due to all the emulation layers with things like DirectDraw, along with no out-of-the-box windowed mode for some reason. However, this game does have it, just not enabled for normal players.

For myself, I generally only get like 10-25fps running this game on any resolution over 1024x768. Using this trick you can run the game properly in Direct3D mode, get full FPS and be able to properly use a proxy such as dgVoodoo2 to really get the most out of the game along with being able to properly use ReShade and such if you wish to.

What You Need

You will need the following tools to accomplish this:
- Divine Divinity (Only tested with the Steam version. 1.0062a)
- A hex editor. (Any that can scan for byte patterns will work fine. I use 010 Editor personally.)

How To Enable Debug Mode

1. Open your hex editor.
2. Open div.exe inside of the hex editor.
3. Look for the following byte pattern:
89 5E 28 89 7E 2C 89 5E 34 89 5E

4. Go to the first result where this pattern was found. (Currently, this is at file offset: 0x8CCD5)
5. Change the first 0x5E byte to 0x7E. (Currently, this is at file offset: 0x8CCD6)
6. Save div.exe and close the hex editor.

Now when you start the game next time, it should automatically be running in debug mode and run in a window.

Recommended Settings

For myself, I recommend the following settings for better game performance with this enabled:

- Set the game to Direct3D rendering system via the config tool.
- Set the game resolution to 1920x1080 via the config tool.
- Enable 'Smoothness' via the config tool.

Along with this, you can also now properly use dgVoodoo2 with this setup.
You can download the latest version of that here:

Please note: I have not played through the whole game with debug mode enabled so I cannot say for certain there are no issues while playing the game like this. Please be sure to backup all files you edit as well as your saved games just in case before making any changes!

Interesting. It seems to work fine in a quick check.

EDIT: Here is a link for an edited version of the div.exe file (1.0062).
I am able to do this with Beyond Divinity as well. I can make a post about that in the other forum.
It's a bit more involved than this.
When I launch the game with the edited .exe and the recommended config settings, I get a black screen with a white corner in top left. I can hear the main menu music but can't see anything. I'm running the GOG version using 1920x1080 which is my native resolution. Some lower resolutions will show the game screen but then it's small and I have big black borders. Anyone know what the problem could be?
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