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Posted By: atom0s Divine Divinity 1.00062a Cheat Table - 08/04/20 08:17 PM
Here is a cheat table I made for Divine Divinity (Steam 1.00062a) for those interesting in having fun after beating the game.

[Linked Image]

This cheat table requires that you have Cheat Engine 7.x installed. You can find Cheat Engine on their homepage here:

Please pay attention while installing Cheat Engine. They use a bundler installer to help generate ad revenue. Because of this, it will offer to install additional software that you will want to decline.

This cheat table includes the following options currently:
  • Infinite Health
  • Infinite Mana
  • Infinite Stamina / Sprint
  • Infinite Skill Points
  • Infinite Bonus Points
  • Potions Heal For Full
  • Unlimited Carry Weight
  • Reveal Whole Map
  • Movement Speed
  • Sleep Anytime
  • Experience Multiplier
  • Adjust Vendor Rates
  • Super Damage (One Hit Kills)

Mayor thanks to atom0s, it works on GOG version too!
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