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Posted By: onetruegod what does cooking recipes stand for? - 12/05/20 12:51 AM
Is there any way to cook food in this game? I found a few books teaching about how to cook foods but i've never found any ways to cook food
Posted By: Raze Re: what does cooking recipes stand for? - 12/05/20 03:04 AM

There is limited crafting, and no cooking. The recipes are there for atmosphere, though in the old forum a couple of people tried some of the recipes (with suitable substitutions in some cases, for lack of the listed ingredients), and there were a couple Youtube videos, as well (this one for Elven Cider is the only one I see in a quick search).

The Alchemy Spoiler Thread contains a couple of other item combinations.

Food effects link
Has anyone ever done the math to see if selling cooked food is more profitable then the ingredients? I assumed that was true but never had the gumption to check. Note that buying two smaller potions then combining them is cheaper then a single larger one.

EDIT: oops - wrong area - I was thinking OS2.
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