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Posted By: afa What to do in Barracks - 17/06/20 11:25 AM
When i arrived at the barracks to speak with the general about the escorting healers in the village, two shady characters appeared and they turned every soldier in the barracks into attacking puppets. I have no chance of defeating them at combat by myself. Am i supposed to to something else or to go somewhere else for a solution?
Posted By: Raze Re: What to do in Barracks - 18/06/20 02:16 AM

Run away, then:
- return slowly, so you only have to deal with a few soldiers at a time
- wait until you are at a higher level, or get better equipment, to return
- wait until later in the game (a quest after you have been to the castle) and encounter one of the mages again (there will be a dialogue option about your character recognising him), after which the mind control spell will be gone

There is no way to get help for them right away, or tell anyone about the situation.
Posted By: afa Re: What to do in Barracks - 18/06/20 04:34 PM
I think i showed up in that place a bit too early. Thank you.
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