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Posted By: Lynn Join us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube - 10/06/10 11:16 AM
Help us support Divinity II - Flames Of Vengeance and join our Social Communities.

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Spread the word! Thank you smile

Posted By: Lynn Re: Social Communities - 18/06/10 11:25 AM
Please subscribe to the Larian Studios YouTube Channel

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Posted By: rockasracoon Re: Social Communities - 20/06/10 03:38 PM
Think the Facebook-link is down at this moment....cause not approachable....hope it works soon


Ich glaube die Facebookseite ist im Moment down...weil nicht erreichbar....hoffe es geht bald wieder laugh
Posted By: Lynn Re: Social Communities - 21/06/10 08:44 AM
Hello wink

I think it is a typical flaw at YouTube, please try the direct link here.

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