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did i miss something?? or ??
also, how do i get out of the city?? got a ton of missions some in crows nest but i seem to be trapped. can't fly and can't find a way out, all the underground passage doors are locked!
can anyone help? thank you for your time and replies.
Do you know that, this is the german forum?
so you're either writing in the wrong forum or in the wrong langue
well I think you started the addon, right?
In the addon you're unable to transform you into a dragon, the whole time
the reason is, that it is too dangerous otside of the schield, zandalor is trying to hold all the time
the schiled is also not passeable, so you can't get out of Aleroth. There is truly no need for that.
the town is very big and bears a lot of hidden secrets, and you havn't to unlock only the doors but whole parts of the city.
That means questing, keeping attantion, keeping the eyes open, and finally searching a lot,
oh and mindraeding as well
you have to improve the level of this skill up to level 15, if you ask me
but the undeads respan now, so you can farm a lot Exp. that's why, even considering that the Exp cost for reading minds inproved drastically, it is not too much nessecary to skill level 15 mindreading
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