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Posted By: Eliirae Silly question. Deleting saved games? - 10/11/10 01:03 AM
Is there a way to delete specific save games? I'm one of those people that save every 5 minutes and I apparently reached the save game limit somewhere during the Flames of Vengeance expansion...Is there any way to delete my old D2:EG saves or even my old DKS saves so that I can save more? I don't want to delete them all...On the PC, if that helps.
Posted By: eisberg Re: Silly question. Deleting saved games? - 10/11/10 01:17 AM
There is a delete option when you go to save the game. Just click on the save you want to delete and then press delete.
I had the original D2 : ED (not the one shipping with D2 : DK) with a huge amount of save games. After I got the D2 : DK I found the only way I could free up save game slots in the new game (could not save beyond 1 slot) I had to actually load up the old D2 : ED and remove a series of save games. Once back in D2 : DK I was able to use more slots.

I'd hope in the future that each game would use it's own save game area to avoid this type of thing...UNLESS...when a character is "imported" to a new game from an old one all stats and items would transfer over as well.

I guess an easy fix would be just to allow deletion of save games from the old one (in the new game) would be good as well...but character preservation just seems cooler to me. The storyline may be even better, too.
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