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Posted By: Tiarr DKS Language Pack ? - 28/12/10 08:45 AM
Hi there,

i bought Dragon Knight Saga from Steam yesterday but didnt saw that there is only a english version of the game aviable. I know this is the english section of the game but maybe someone knows if there is also a german language pack for the Game aviable and could tell me where i can find it.

I didnt care about the listed languages cause i also bought Eco Draconis from Steam before which was in german language.

I hope anyone can help me with that problem.

Posted By: Slochy Re: DKS Language Pack ? - 28/12/10 10:32 AM
As far as I know, the german version of DKS has a different publisher this time. That's why there's no german language pack available in the international Steam version compared to Ego Draconis before.

Zu Deutsch: Deutsche Sprache via Steam kannste also knicken. Ich hab' aus diesem Grund zur deutschen DVD-Version gegriffen.
Posted By: Tiarr Re: DKS Language Pack ? - 28/12/10 03:19 PM
Thanks for the Info, helped me out alot.

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