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Posted By: born2beagator Bounty probelm - 16/04/11 05:31 AM
Okay, the guy (can't think of his name) that gives you the first set of bounties in broken valley is not sitting at his table, and he is not in the room. Is this a glitch?
Posted By: born2beagator Re: Bounty probelm - 16/04/11 05:37 AM
Nevermind, he just randomly appeared aargh
Posted By: Tinman21 Re: Bounty probelm - 16/04/11 07:22 AM
I had the same problem man, captain rodney is his name.

If you do the quest involving saving the guard with his grappling hook, rodney stays on the roof until you go up there to finish the quest.

Also, if you do the quest involving a diary at the farm (won't give to much away) rodney will go to the farm if you grass up the offender.

Just letting you know 'cos i lost him for like three hours until someone reminded me he could be at the farm....
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