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Posted By: HannahPN Defeating Raze - 13/08/11 09:52 AM
Hi Guys.
I am well aware that this question has been posted before, but not with everything I needed to know for an answer. I need help defeating Raze. I know, as a warrior, I'm supposed to get him to almost half his life, then disable one or both of the regeneration tanks and finish him off. He runs to one I'm supposed to rush attack him and then kill him. That's all good and fair, I've done that like seven times, and I am frustrated beyond belief. Problem is, I'm on an Xbox, and for some reason I can't get the lighting on my tv right, so by the time I locate the lever, he's already healed and is attacking me again. I simply can't beat him to the tanks or find the levers fast enough. Is there any foolproof method of doing this? I'm really frustrated right now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Posted By: Raze Re: Defeating Raze - 13/08/11 10:24 AM

In D2:ED as a warrior I stood by one regeneration chamber and just let the walking armours and my creature get in his way, so he tried to make it to the far chamber, but the couldn't do so it before I Rush Attacked him.

Playing a ranger in DKS, this strategy was quite unsuccessful. Not only were the walking armours more dangerous and aggressive, they didn't get in Raze's way, and he could teleport directly into a chamber to heal if is path was blocked. He once even ran to a chamber slouched over while under the effect of a stun arrow. Lancet mentioned he teleported away in the middle of Thousand Strikes, IIRC.

What I ended up doing was (after the conversation) to immediately head around the corner to the first regeneration chamber and hit the lever, then run for the far lever, turn, fire off an explosive arrow at Raze, then jump over the walking armours coming at me to get in a point blank splitting arrow (mostly finishing him off), jumping back and continuing to attack to finish him off.

Basically, just go through to figure out where the levers are, then reload, hit the levers right away and try to do damage as fast as possible (stat/armour boost potions might help, or the Battle Rage skill if you are using normal weapons, etc).

It might help if you just reload a save before the conversation with Raze, and leave him until you are at a higher level or have better weapons and can do damage faster.
Posted By: Demonic Re: Defeating Raze - 13/08/11 12:30 PM
Speaking of Raze...Raze, do you think Larian named Raze after you? BTW, every time one of these topics is posted, you're always the first one in.
Posted By: Raze Re: Defeating Raze - 13/08/11 06:51 PM

A few names of forum members were put in the game (see the second half of the topic Archmage Set).
Posted By: Silverdragon Re: Defeating Raze - 20/08/11 08:28 PM
Raze's advice to kill Raze is solid, this way he's relatively easy.

First, drink potions that increase your damage resistance and damage output (int for casters, str for warriors, ...). Then run to the levers and pull both, then use as much force on Raze as you can. If you have a decently statted and equipped char and unload all your damage-dealing (spells, weapons, ...), you should get him down quickly enough.

If that does not work, you might need to come back later with more levels. You can try to reduce the game's difficulty for this fight. I found that Raze is one of the toughest fights in the game unless you are VERY dexterous (you as player) to pull of several rounds of pulling levers or have a char that can really ditch out some serious damage so one round is enough to kill him.
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