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Posted By: Herne Had to say thanks for D2:DKS larian! - 29/12/11 05:11 PM
Many moons ago i heard of D2:ED while looking for new RPGs to play (been playing pen and paper RPGs since '79 and sort of collect good ones as a hobby) but upon looking at reviews people said to go for D2:DKS as it was a lot better...the drawback was, being a UK PC gamer, i could only find ED for the PC. <sound of many moons passing>. Then 2 weeks ago I had a windfall of some Amazon vouchers and for some reason I remembered DKS and there it was, then there it was theough my letterbox!

After playing through ED and now part way through FoV I have to say its a brilliant game! Thank you to the devs for making something so imaginative and fun. I think my one niggle are the cut scenes that stop you whacking the bad guy with your big lump of metal on a stick...other than that, its perect. I LOVE the fact there are no classes and you build your chaacter your way, i love the way a lot of quests can be solved multiple ways, i love the way your hand is not held in quests by making secret switches glow or have arrows over them!

Flying round the fjords as a dragon looking for hidden loot etc was a joy....heck, i am already planning 2nd run through just to do this again. D2:DKS was, for me, a hidden gem. It beats DA:O, Skyrim etc into a cocked hat as the saying goes. Its right up there in my top PCRPGs of all time...dare I say, its as much fin as Baulders Gate but in 3d!
Posted By: Raze Re: Had to say thanks for D2:DKS larian! - 29/12/11 08:16 PM

Welcome to the forum. wave
Posted By: DivineGamer Re: Had to say thanks for D2:DKS larian! - 30/12/11 12:31 AM
Glad people are still enjoying this game.
Admittedly I still need to get DKS, never finished the vanilla D2:ED.
Maybe after I've finished both Skyrim & Kingdoms Of Amalur.
One of skyrims little villages/towns that I entered today reminded me of Divinity II for some reason I think it may have been the art style like the thatched roofs and what not.
Defo get it by end of 2012, I may be late to join DKS, but hey it seems to be a fantastic game, so I'm sure I'll enjoy despite it.
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