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Your least and most favorite places?

Posted By: Beeber

Your least and most favorite places? - 11/04/20 11:33 AM


My least favorite ones are High Hall and Flames of Vengeance's Crow's Nest.

High Hall because despite the fact that it is the size, if not bigger, of Broken Valley's Hamlet, it literally has less than one-fifth of said Hamlet's NPC population.

Crow's Nest because everytime I'm there, I can't feel relaxed. I feel more relaxed hanging out in one of Ego Draconis's flying fortresses than in Crow's Nest, which of course says A LOT.

As for favorite... Broken Valley's Hamlet and the Battle Tower.

The Battle Tower as a favorite is obvious. It's your base of operations.

Broken Valley's Hamlet is an obvious choice too, but the one thing I wanna point out about it is the number of quests within it. Lots to do and many NPCs to socialize with.

What about you?
Posted By: VeganCookie

Re: Your least and most favorite places? - 11/04/20 07:30 PM

I will start with the least favorite ones :

1.Walking in Crow's Nest didn't feel comfortable for me either . Of course now I can easily get a triple kill with a fireball compared to when I first entered the area, but still I can feel the hostility in there. As for High Hall I got mixed feelings.

2. Destroyed Broken Valley with its fortress. It felt really sad to see Broken Valley in that state, can't even walk in there. I would say that was where I enjoyed burning down everything and then getting rid of the skeletons and Black Ring forces. The whole time I was like ' I spent countless hours and days in Broken Valley and that coward didn't show up once, he waited for me to leave so he can do his evil deeds. I swear to the Divine that I will find you and you won't like it Damian! '.

3. The Bandit camp. I don't know why but I always found the bandits annoying with their stupid threats. That being said I did like the temple of doom (if we exclude the corpses and poison). I found the design really interesting, it had an oldschool touch to it.

Favorite places :

1. I want to start off with the Alchemy Garden. Really like the ancient looking columns and the color variation of the trees. The blue flames and the music give it a really ancient/relaxing vibe too. I even made a video!

2. The battle tower. As soon as it became mine, it felt like I have a home. And it should feel like that after Broken Valley was lost. At that point I felt like I could slow down with my progress and take things easy, as if it was ' over '. So I took my time to learn about the platforms and stuff. It is also really nice to have a chest there for rare items that I want to keep, even if I don't use them.

3. Orobas Fjords. This is the place where I realised why Divinity 2 is one of the best games ever made. The first impression was similar to Crow's Nest because those goblins were hard for me the first time I fought them. But it was rewarding and I became stronger eventually. But what happens later is really interesting. I remember the first time I played it and the first hidden area I discovered was the cave behind the waterfall. Then I went to the statues and afterwards started searching for the trees. Then I noticed that there were a lot of things that I could see but not reach, which would make me ask a lot of questions. ' That tree (Yggdrasil) must be something special, perhaps it is one of the trees the statues told me. But how on earth do I go up there? '. But in my mind I was not 100% sure if that was one of the trees, it was just an assumption. Then after swimming around the mountain I found out the mine and those nests. And because the nests cannot interract with walking units I always wondered what they are and why did they even exist if they don't attack or interract in any way. Next to the entrance of the mine I could see the slayer camp and left me wondering too. When I finally got the dragon stone I was completely blown away. I felt like I have more power, as if I broke free from a prison (the music makes that feeling even more intense). There were so many things around me all that time, which I didn't even know they exist. I could see everything from a different angle and travel much faster. Even when I reach the limits I get the feeling that there is more behind. The environments are simply enormous and very detailed.

Other thoughts : I wonder how it would be like if the Sentinel Island was more populated with characters living a normal life and stuff. You know, without the destroyed boats and whale skeleton. Same with Crow's nest and Lovis tower.
Posted By: vometia

Re: Your least and most favorite places? - 12/04/20 03:35 AM

I think I'd really like Crow's Nest if only, having cleared it out, it stayed cleared out and repopulated with a market and stuff. That would've been lovely. As it is, Lanilor Lane is probably similar and I really enjoyed the life and bustle; but probably my favourite place in Aleroth is the market square. The FoV version as I like music, the stuff that starts of with the sighing vocals and then goes uptempo with the bashy stringed instrument, whatever it is (I have a mental image of something like a zither played with hammers, but I dunno what it's called or even if that's what it is... but I digress).

But my favourite place in the game remains Broken Valley Village. I love the village, its appearance, the diversity of people in it (especially the daft gossips!), the pub, the winding pathways and stream and again the music. And secondary to that, the rest of Broken Valley, which remains one of my favourite video game places ever. I have a forlorn hope that one day we'll have a Mended Valley where it'll be restored to its former glory, hopefully in a new 3rd-person game. And Farglow, which is pretty much more of the same just on a smaller scale, though you never see it again after the intro segment.

I wonder what the originally-planned outskirts of Aleroth would've been like? I'm guessing, again, more of the same. I would've liked to have seen them but as it turned out, the somewhat claustrophobic feel of Aleroth is part of what made it work. But still, it would've been interesting to see. I wonder if that's where that early promo shot with the signpost to Verdistis was meant to be?
Posted By: VeganCookie

Re: Your least and most favorite places? - 15/04/20 12:31 AM

I forgot to mentioned the headquarters of the fortresses as favorites. In my opinion those designs are pretty authentic, I've never seen anything like it in other games. Also the music in Keara's headquarters is amazing. I can't seem to find the track anywhere.
Posted By: Beeber

Re: Your least and most favorite places? - 15/04/20 12:35 AM

Originally Posted by VeganCookie
I forgot to mentioned the headquarters of the fortresses as favorites. In my opinion those designs are pretty authentic, I've never seen anything like it in other games. Also the music in Keara's headquarters is amazing. I can't seem to find the track anywhere.

I'll link you something I found. I believe it contains virtually all tracks of Ego Draconis, maybe even Flames of Vengeance. I'll send it your way.
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