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Posted By: Beeber The second barrier on the way to Kali... - 13/04/20 09:16 AM
I've read somewhere years ago that unlike the original Ego Draconis, DKS completely removed the invisible barrier in Orobas Fjords on your way to Rivertown/Kali.

I'm a hundred percent sure I read that, but forgive me... I have to just confirm it again both in this forum and on wherever online it says that even though I'm sure I've read it already. Can someone here link to me a website that does say that in DKS as opposed to ED, that particular invisible barrier is gone?

And yes, right? It is in fact gone in DKS, right? I know I've already confirmed it by going to Kali very very early on in multiple playthroughs, but I feel compelled to double-check in this forum and another source. It's gonna bug me if I don't. Where on Earth did I read that? lol

Thanks comrades.
I know there are barriers still - one is just beyond the transport location as you first enter the area and there are twisted things that need done to turn them off. If that is what you are talking about, they're still there.
If you mean the anti-dragon zones then you gotta turn them off at a camp nearby on the hill like caninelegion mentioned. I don't remember how I reached the camp, it was either through a teleporter or by using the dragon stone and then transform back to human and fall on it.
Posted By: Beeber Re: The second barrier on the way to Kali... - 14/04/20 03:10 AM
No no no friends. Believe me, whatever you mentioned (Caninelegion) is not what I'm talking about. I've beaten Ego Draconis (of the Developer's Cut) multiple times and if there are barriers other than the first one, I definitely would know.

In the original Ego Draconis, there were two BARRIERS. Not anti-dragon zones, BARRIERS. WALLS. Not dangerous anti-dragon zones.

In The Dragon Knight Saga, they took the second one off. I'm simply asking for a confirmation on whether or not that is the case, and of a link that does say that the second BARRIER (not anti-dragon zones) was in fact taken away.
Posted By: Raze Re: The second barrier on the way to Kali... - 14/04/20 05:49 AM

The second barrier across the Red Hammer tribe area was removed. After getting into the bunker and disabling the first barrier, you can fly/swim straight to Kali's flying fortress.
Where's the first barrier?
Posted By: Beeber Re: The second barrier on the way to Kali... - 14/04/20 09:22 PM
Originally Posted by caninelegion
Where's the first barrier?

Close to the Depleted Ore Mine.
Oh, you mean the transparent walls that will not let you pass through. I can't remember if I had to disable those manually or if they turned off after I did progress, but they were there earlier in the game but later they disappeared.
Posted By: Raze Re: The second barrier on the way to Kali... - 15/04/20 10:21 AM

The barrier is disabled using a lever in the bunker in the cliff face (same for the anti-dragon shields around the bunker, and the nest and ballista locations below).
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