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Posted By: osdeath Windows 7, no sound effects? - 13/03/11 09:26 AM
Pretty much as the title says really, Running windows 7, music is playing fine, voices are fine, but no sound effects from anything it seems, sorry if i skimmed straight over the answer in the FAQ or something, cheers
Posted By: Raze Re: Windows 7, no sound effects? - 13/03/11 11:02 PM

Are you shutting down all non-essential programs (especially anti-virus) before starting the game?

Have you checked for updated sound drivers, etc?

If you go into the sound options and change the volume levels for voice or sound effects, do you hear the sample sound played? You should at least hear the voice.

Try deleting the '..\Divine Divinity\Run\sound.cfg' file (or in the download version, probably '..\Divine Divinity\sound.cfg'), to have the game recreate it the next time you start the game and change the default sound levels.

If you run dxdiag (click Start | Run, type in dxdiag and hit Enter ; I'm assuming the procedure is pretty much the same in Win 7), does it report any problems? There is a test on the Sound tab, which will try various sounds using software and hardware buffers, and ask if you heard them.
Also on the Sound tab, try lowering your hardware sound acceleration a notch, and if that doesn't help (it did for someone using XP that got sound effects but no voices or music), try disabling it completely.
Posted By: osdeath Re: Windows 7, no sound effects? - 14/03/11 09:23 AM
Ok, tried turning off comodo and avast, no difference, updated sound drivers, no difference, Hearing a sample sound on the Voices, but nothing on the Sound effects, Deleting the Sound.cfg file didn't seem to fix it either, on th 32bit DXdiag the sound gives no errors, on the 64 bit it gives one error (twice) about a file (cmudaxp.sys) missing a digital signature, and apparently all hardware acceleration was removed from windows in vista, and that's carried over to windows 7, thanks for the help anyway, i wonder if it's just a general incompatibility between a new card and an old game
Posted By: Raze Re: Windows 7, no sound effects? - 14/03/11 03:39 PM

You could try emailing, with a description of the problem and maybe a link to this post. If they've gotten a few reports of this, or tested DD on their current systems, they may know if there are any compatibility issues with new cards.
Posted By: Driavna Re: Windows 7, no sound effects? - 21/08/11 07:11 AM
In my case I solved this problem by using the compatibility mode with Win XP SP3 and run the game as administrator.
Posted By: Raze Re: Windows 7, no sound effects? - 21/08/11 01:14 PM

Thanks for the report, and welcome to the forum. wave
Posted By: makemeunreal Re: Windows 7, no sound effects? - 24/08/11 10:41 AM
I solved with this problem,with Sp3/Adminsitrator...too..and Welcome ^^
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